An ode to Obel

Kudos to Neeraja for locating this. We co-authored this one too back in the day…

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Obel
Who dreamed of getting a Nobel
So, he started on his journey
On his way he met Roni
And his path was no longer stony.
But this boy was a bit loony
So, he kept saying he doesn’t love Roni
This, to Roni, sounded very phony.
Then came the twist in the tale
There was this “intelligent” male
The male was Sanskrit and drank a lot of rum
He loved Roni more than his mum
He proposed to this little miss
But the blunder was he asked for a kiss.
Obel, who was in a lot of pain
Now, was back in form again.
The male avoided Roni and Obel
And in the process got the Nobel.
As for the little boy called Obel
Who had always dreamt of getting a Nobel
He sadly met a certain Bhaskar
And instead of a Nobel, he got an Oscar.



Anshul is a geek and an entrepreneur. He loves math, coding and all things good.
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4 Responses to An ode to Obel

  1. Akash Dongre says:

    Hey Anshul, Thanks for your Wishes…I am still trying to add videos..lets see when I get success…

  2. LOL !!!
    The subject of Obel is really inspiring even me to write something about him…Really gunny poem…I enjoyed each sentence of it…It was really Phoni

  3. Preyas says:

    Why is it that anshul’s poem is so popular among spammers

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