H G T, as far as delivering killer one liner pjs is concerned, is second only to Swarnava, and there too people’s opinion is divided.


In the first year when each batch had to stay in its own hostel, H had to stay in the common hall, where he took significant parts along with A(gni)d Banarjee in creating the legendary heritage of muttering in dreams in our batch. The reader might get excited at this point thinking that I am going to quote some of that legendary stuff, but I would advise them to calm down, since most of his dreams (nightmares, actually) consisted of his iPod running out of disk space. Many a night he has been heard him lamenting about 80gb, 100gb and 200gb, the significance of which still eludes us and he won’t explain. Some have gone as far as claiming that they have heard dark whispers of “my precious iPod,” but we’ll let those rumours to pass into the realm of myths without seeking for confirmation.

in a happier mood

Future historians will no doubt try, and fail, to discover the soulmate of H who inspired him to such great heights. While it is generally accepted that H and Swarnava are the men behind each other’s success, it should not be mistaken for homosexuality. In fact, those who know about the incident of “The Horse and the Lady (ladies?)” choose to accept the world as it is and do not ask for explanations from the tormented soul of H about his attitude towards Girls, Lady (ladies?), Sex, Pornography, Bollywood, Hindi music industry, Chennai, south Indian food, south India, India, the World, etc etc.

with his precious

It is known that he was illuminated with the divine interpretation of life, universe and everything else when he encountered the lady (ladies?) with the horse, but the knowledge seems to have been lost among the confusion propounded by H himself. The ancient disciples have recorded that his most favourite word was “cheap,” because of which many modern scholars have said that the answer to life, universe and everything is not, as believed, 42, but “cheap.” The suitability of “cheap” as a description of life, universe and everything else has been many times exhibited popularly by H, but his continuous refusal to having ever said the word keeps confusing the populace.

According to Dr Sanjay Mehra, father of Rohit Mehra and grandfather of Krrish Mehra, whose brief adventures have been chronicled in the epic Koi… Mil Gaya, said at the beginning of his famous epic that the sound of “CHEAP,” when rendered in the nasal voice of Himesh Reshmiya, produces all the frequencies in the world, enough to destroy all of our modern civilization. His claim was later confirmed when Himesh started singing his own songs.

It is time to conclude. However, the reader should rest assured that I’ll keep informing them about H’s exploits from time to time. Till then, they might entertain themselves by watching J(iga)r’s excited imitation of H(rushi)kesh insisting on the correct pronunciation of his surname.


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