The Teachers – Part II

Through the contributions of Ar(pit)h, Jay(ant)h, Ni(ved)ita, A(cha)l and S(war)nav …..

1) Map is an extremely useful function and shortly we’ll see why it is not used.
(Prof Madhavan, in the Haskell course)

2) Arpith: Is the plane a convex set?
Prof Parthasarthy: (flapping his hands) No… it has wings etc etc!
(In the CalculusI course)

3) Recently, a few mathematicians have started to do mathematics devoid of points… other mathematicians quip this as pointless geometry.
(Prof ShivShankar)

4) The ring need not have a multiplicative identity. Infact a ring without an identity is called rng, which shows the sense of humour that mathematicians possess.
(Prof Shivshankar)

5) So (1,2,4) means 1->2, 2->4 and 4->1. But where can the rest go? They can go to hell!
(Prof Shivshankar, discussing permutations)

6) My idea of an overview is to just give you an overview.
(Prof Rajasekharan, in his overview of modern physics)


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