The Sexiest Men in C**

The Sexiest Men in C** – not to be mistaken as The Sexist Men in C**, into which category I have been recently drafted by SS, albeit wrongly, I must say.

The list here comes from the archives of Official C** Weekend Survey Committee (CWeeSuCo). The nominees are, however, not listed according to their ranks, except for (Jay)nth, who was voted as the sexiest man of the semester and comes at the end of the list. There was no special photo session for the event marking this publication, and stock photos had to be used. We are sure, however, that it’ll not detract the readers from these timeless beauties.

It should be noted that Be(lli) had to be dropped from the list because we were unable to locate his photographs.

Jigar, the goodbye smileJ(iga)r’s smiles, cosy and congenial, are like the clouds from which the Jigarproverbial thunderbolts proceed without warning. He is not exactly the male-chauvinist type, but he can be quite upsetting for those with a soft heart looking for a mellower companion. One of the fastest bowlers around, he is one die-hard supporter of Narendra Modi. If all this doesn’t convince you, wait till he takes off his shirts! And did I mention that he is easily one of the most handsome boys around?

AshishIf you want someone with a bit more attitude, A(shish) is your man. In spite of many attacks on the authenticity of his disposition, he has managed to uphold his male chauvinism. Like everyone else in the list, he is handsome, charming and not without remarkable social skills, one of which happens to be psychoanalyze and profile people based on their suppressed infantile sexualities.

VedIf you are not into hairy guys full of cool attitude, you might want to try this handsome boy perfectly crafted for the progressive women of today’s world. Courteous and ready to listen, V(ed) can charm the pants off anyone over a cup of coffee. Being insanely handsome doesn’t hurt either. It is hard to tell whether he is more popular with the boys or the girls.

Raghav with his glass of portRaghavIn case the reader starts thinking that C** runs short of variety in terms of height, here is the 8 feet tall boy wonder from Maharashtra to make them think again. Fond of giving killer one liners, Ra(ghav) has been nicknamed The Ladykiller, and not without sufficient reasons.

Ritwik, the nicest smileThe other 8 feet miracle from Delhi, Ri(twik) had to make it to the list. The only one in public knowledge with a certified girlfriend, he is probably not trying to be charming right now, but that is hard to believe given the number of casualties admitted in cardiac departments all over Chennai. Also a dedicated AOE player, he once managed to defeat the editor of this blog (that’s me) in one-on-one arabia.

JayanthJayanthJa(yan)th is the quintessential poster boy of C**, aptly popular for both his good looks and charming manners. He is the kind of stuff ladies (and some gents too; for more details, look in The Collected Works of An(shu)l Kh(andel)wal) write poems about. Suffices to say, he is the one the male species in C** would be proudly represented by.

VipulV(ipu)l had not made it into the original list while it was being compiled, but popular demand at the time of writing compels us to put him here. The drive to induct him into the hall of fame was initiated by So(ura)sis, who in an open later to the editor declared his undying passion for Vipul. He also mentioned something about his beautiful hair and the impulse to kiss him among other things, which did much to excite the popular imagination and turn Vipul into an icon.


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5 Responses to The Sexiest Men in C**

  1. Has I known that this picture was going to make it to your blog, I would have given a less stupid smile!

  2. ved says:

    Yaar somu agnids having a hell lot of influence on you……….SEXY MEN?????

  3. Ab kya bolen yaar… Can’t really write about the other possibility, can I? I mean, what’s the point in writing about the sexiest women in C** when we have only six (or is it seven?) girls!

    It is politically incorrect to write about the girls in C** anyway. As SS pointed out, they are touchy about their minority.

    And I am not one to repeat a mistake. Think what a harmless comment cost me (but it was worth it anyway ;)).

  4. sourasis says:

    cool blog again.. keep it up brother… I think u missed Prakash in the process.

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