The Teachers – Part III

Prakash doesn’t come in his trademark leather jacket, goggles and helmet any more, but his exploits continue to inspire our lives. Here are two anecdotes uncovered in a recent conversation with Puneet.

1) When Puneet joined C** as a research scholar, he had only two seniors, Prakash and Saket. Those were his greener days, and he didn’t know better than to call them Prakash Sir and Saket Sir.

Eventually, bored with the tedium of formality, Saket told him one day, “Don’t call me Saket Sir, just Saket will do!”

As it happened, Prakash told him the next day, “Don’t call me Prakash Sir, just Sir will do!”

2) Here is a conversation overheard in a Computer Science Seminar -

Unwary Stranger: So, what is your area of research?

Prakash: Pardon?

Unwary Stranger: What is your area of research?

Prakash: Oh, (shrugs) Siruseri.

(Siruseri is where C** is situated!)

Here are some more.

1) SS‘s common quote before exams – Each man for himself and God against all.

2) SS: You guys have some ideological problems with mathematics or what?
(When (Jay)anth and Ar(pit)h, Physics students, failed to answer one of his questions)

3) Sourav: My father did his postdoctrol from BHU.
Vemuri: When did he do his postdoctrol… ?
Sourav: must be early 70′s…
Vemuri: Oh, I am sorry, I could not meet him because I was busy being born at that time.


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  1. PC says:

    Very Creative! I think the credits go to Puneet. Isn’t it?

  2. sourasis says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

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