The Million Dollar Baby

Yes, apart from mushy love stories, I also hate the triumph of human spirit over all adversities and obstacles. I don’t mind people dying gruesome deaths left right and all over the place, and I don’t mind being blamed a bum for watching them, but I can’t just stand those biopics hailing the greatness of the human spirit, nor can I sit there in front of the Television being inspired by courageous teachers who teach their students to be different and celebrate their individuality.

I hate all the studio-forced star-driven farce that we watch in the name of good cinema here in India and elsewhere. I have no problem watching a movie as the genre crap that the heck it is, but it really tires me when people take them seriously. They might be more polished and sophisticated in their looks, but that’s about all that sets them apart from our Bollywood lot.

Musicals are somewhat likable (ah, Music!), but the usual strings of American propaganda is just terrible. Take Cinderella Man for example. IMDB rates it at 8.0, and I never saw a bigger piece of shit in my entire life. There is not an iota of intelligence to be found anywhere in the movie, and it misrepresents Max Baer too (but Paul Giamatti and Russel Crowe were good). Gladiator is another example that comes to mind.

So given the kind of impression one is likely to derive from the usual media coverage, I didn’t expect much when I stopped to watch a few scenes from Million Dollar Baby while flipping through the channels. This post is not a tribute or anything, but the movie, for a change, was very decent. And intelligent too. It was touching, and I didn’t feel like going on my usual spree through the channels after it ended, and sat down there listening to the music (end credits) and feeling depressed, to discover the useless information that Clint Eastwood himself composed the music for the movie.

I will not get into the political debate surrounding the movie (which I unearthed afterwards in google), principally because I consider them off-point and idiotic. Anyway, it was a very well made movie, and I am never going to underrate Clint Eastwood again.


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2 Responses to The Million Dollar Baby

  1. anshul says:

    So, your taste matches the females under 18 demographic. :P

    Well, jokes apart, it also matches the top 1000 voters demographic, which I think is something you could do well to check when you are feeling extremely moody.

  2. The females under 18 have rated it at 6.0, while I in my better/bitter moods would not give it anything more than 5.0.

    Besides, this pole is hardly credible. 80% of the voters have rated it more than 8, and 63% rated it more than 9 (45% rated more than 10!). Extreme measures of filters/weights must have been applied to get a sensible result. While it could make sense in a much bigger sample space, it means nothing in the sample space of 278 females under 18, most of whom actually seem to like the movie.

    The top 1000 voters thing makes more sense, with about 18% of the voters rating the movie at 1.

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