The Dirty Dozen ( plus me ) and The Last Supper

The Last SupperAfter the successful conclusion of Fiesta Mathematica, the core organizing committee kept a small party at Shakes & Creams. In spite of my dramatic and eventful life in C**, I was hardly prepared for all that transpired over the course of two hours that we were together. It has been sometime now, and I have finally been able to interpret the events in the light of what followed afterwards. Here is a brief recounting of the party (complete with photographs) for those who weren’t there.

Man of the MomentThe Pepper Flavoured Strawberry …

When An(shu)l was out for a moment, (Jaya)nth added salt to his ice-cream (triple scoop). I thoughtfully prevented him from spoiling the strawberry scoop and enjoyed it while it lasted, till (Jaya)nth, overcome by his affection for An(shu)l, added pepper to it.

It is a known fact that salt, when added to ice, decreases the temperature. The ice in this case happened to be An(shu)l’s ice-cream. When An(shu)l ate it, he suffered instant brain freeze, which lasted for the rest of the party, for the length of which he kept insisting that Strawberry + Pepper is an awesome flavour to have, and that it would be an instant hit if somebody were to release it.

The Shock

An(shu)l was not the only one who suffered temporary brain damage. Sou(men)dra had starved himself for two whole days preparing for the free food, and the look on his face when he held the first bit of food in his hands (which he borrowed from (Argh)ya’s plate) was one of those priceless things that the Visa-Master Card keeps advertising about.

The Cat among the PigeonsThe ThoughtLooking at (Ramp)rasad in this photograph (left), the inattentive and unsuspecting reader might be led to believe that he is under deep pain, but he is actually singing hallelujah thanking the Lord for the excellent free food he is about to receive. However, he spent the rest of his time contemplating his food away, and the only explanation we can attach to this is, again, temporary brain damage.

The BreakUpThe HookUpThese grim incidents were not sufficient to suppress our youthful spirits, however, and we had our share of joyful moments and sorrowful celebrations to be thankful for. If there was the bitter parting of hearts ((Argh)ya and (Pad)ma on left), there was also the joyful reunion of true love (A(rna)b and Ni(ved)ita on right).

Mera Number Kab aaega?

Even the sundered hearts did not stay aloof for long (B(eli) and (Pad)ma in the foreground), and there was much rejoicing at these satisfactory turn of events (Sou(men)dra in the background). It was quite a pleasant outing.


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  1. sourasis says:

    This one piece of blog is just awesome man!!!

  2. namus says:

    hmm.. cool! I certainly was not kind of aware of this particular side of arnab (the second).

  3. anshul says:

    I still insist that Strawberry ice cream with pepper is great. On the list of good things it ranks just after AOE2 and slackware. You might want to avoid chocolate ice cream with salt though.

  4. Sumit says:

    The person who was starving for two days for the free meal does that pretty often.
    I have known him since he was a starving kid and he can starve for an entire month if u r gonna give a b’day treat, coz he likes 2 rob u…..

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