I didn’t often understand what they meant when someone said, “love me for what I am.” Sometimes they do mean that, but I think what they usually mean is this – “I am absolutely ordinary and without imagination and without anything interesting to say or worthwhile to do. Please love me for my trivialities. Please find my most ordinary gestures adorable, and do be charmed when I do the silliest things in a meaningful manner.”

Ok, I exaggerated, but not without inspiration. It’s the movie posters in Chennai. Without going into the details of the classification, I’ll describe one class of posters – A middle aged man not much worth looking at does something completely trivial (drinks water, eats food, takes a nap (supposedly with a childlike sweetness)) while the beutiful heroine adores him with her loving glance, smitten by his charm.

Chennai’s a dead city painted in yellow and black, with patches of dull creamy white here and there and the roadsides mostly filled with the constant green of the leaves. Sometimes it makes me despair when I am walking on a main road to see the world around me in so much of yellow and black.

And then there are the people! They understand nothing except Tamil. Half the men wear white lungis worn-out and made a dull white by the pollution (and subsequent washings) of the city. Their clothes are the epitome of lack of imagination. There is only so much that you can do with white lungis. Nobody in Chennai seems to be trying anyway.

The women. All of them dress too much alike. The general beauty quotient, needless to say, is low.

The sky is mostly covered with clouds. I never seem to catch any blue of the sky or the dark grays of the cloud, and I listen to the patter of the rain mostly lying in my bed early in the morning, half awake and half asleep, unable to decide whether to go out and have a look or not. The clouds form interesting patterns though, and for a long time I have been looking for a painting that captures this captivating movement of clouds, without much success so far.


Incorrigible Introvert

I wouldn't pretend I have a worthy tale to tell, I have only the ramifications of a twisted mind to sell.
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  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    You Bastard!
    You don’t know the difference between Lungi and Veshti.
    Veshti is white in color, It is the traditional dress for a tamilian. Even our Hon.Union Minister P.Chidambaram wears a veshti. First learn about things than jumping into conclusions.

    You said we are speaking tamil, i think you know hindi only. If you goto paris they speak french only, if you go to japan they speak japanese.

    In rome do as romans do. If you don’t you can return to your fatherland and be unemployed.

  2. arnstein says:

    While I would have to agree with Mr. Anonymous Coward (esp. what he said about languages), I wouldn’t go so far as to call you a bastard …

    Anyway, I was quite surprised to read this post – _you_ making random comments/complaints like “The sky is mostly covered with clouds”, “covered in yellow and black” … I mean, was the intent of these to complain about chennai or to make a random description the way we see in literary works (The way we were “taught” after we were made to read God of small things by SKV – description of the monsoons… ) :D

    Anyways :) …

  3. ochod says:

    hmm…yes…chennai sucks..there are no 2 ways about it…just that you have misplaced your complaints…its not that chennai sky is always cludy..its that the chennai climate is so humid…its not that girls dont wear good clothes..even if they did it wouldnt make a difference…the only correct point you made was the disgusting yellow and black colour combination which you see thorughout the city…language…being a non tamil i am obviously irritated about the fact that they speak only tamil…but well…as the anonymous coward pointed out…thats true with most of the places in the world…in london they only speak english dude!

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  5. I have never been to Madras, so I shouldn’t comment (not that that has ever stopped me before), but honestly, can Madras be worse than Bangalore? The H2O posters, a city pained in green and white, people speaking only Kannada (movie halls showing only Kannada movies), the women, well, I have never commented on skin-deep beauty, so I shall let this pass, the weather, the constantly warm and sunny and ocassionally drizzling, boring, stupid, weather, and last but not the least, Auto drivers. If I get a sniper rifle, I shall snipe at the Writers Building, but if I ever get a machine gun, the Auto drivers in Bangalore better run.

  6. Neeraja says:

    Bangalore is definitely better than Chennai.
    Only good thing about Chennai is the sea.

  7. @Anonymous Coward
    * I am too tired to point out the logical inconsistencies in your comment. I am not going to change my opinion about that dirty little rag if you call it Veshti instead of Lungi! I hope that link will clarify the confusions due to your ignorance. I suggest you learn about things before jumping into conclusions and before advising others to do so.
    * Actually, I can speak both English (evident from my blog) and Hindi. Most of you can speak none. You guys are just hopeless. Compare yourselves to Karnataka and Kerala, where most can speak English, and some of them speak Hindi too. You are a big idiot if you think they speak only in French or Japanese in Paris and Japan. Even if they do, it’ll be because they won’t speak in English. You guys do it because you CAN’T speak in English or Hindi.
    * There is a difference between adaptation and imitation. I understand that you are arrogant enough to confuse between the two.

  8. @Arnold
    * yeah, so what were you saying about the language thing?
    * I guess it was written while I was rather moody. The intent wasn’t to complain about Chennai for it being Chennai, and I guess you could accuse me of some randomness. I just go through phases of impressions I derive from my surrounding. Haven’t you heard me philosophising about the red-tiled roof in front of the Mylai Hostel?

    * Yes, I left out some of the more practical considerations. But you have to agree that the situation of language is bad. I don’t know why everyone is comparing Tamilnadu with Paris, Japan and London! Compare it with all other states in India (except for the eastern ones because of obvious reasons; and except for Andhra Pradesh, about which I don’t know much, but given Hydrabad, I would expect it to be better off than Tamilnadu), and you’ll see what I am talking about.

    It’s not a surprise that Chennai is the least cosmopolitan metropolitan city of India, missing out on the IT boom.

    Here is news for you – Madras is hands down worse than Bangalore.
    * The weather in Bangalore is merely monotonous, but the one in Chennai is beastly and intolerable. In summer, it’s too hot and humid. During rain, T Nagar (situated in the heart of Chennai) turns into a big pond where you could have easily run fish farms, except that you can’t because there is mud and mud everywhere. The rest of Chennai is not much better off either. The rest of the year is plain winter.
    * If that is the way you feel about Bangalore autowallahs, I am sure you’ll strangle the ones in Chennai with your bare hands without waiting for a gun. Ask anyone! Besides, no autowallah in Chennai speaks English or Hindi even if they can, just so that they can charge you more. I could write a whole epic on the tricks of their trade, but their is just not enough white space in this comment box.

    Finally, someone after my own heart!

  9. ochod says:

    @incointro – well..yeah other states are more tolerable towards hindi, and according to tamil nadu..hindi is bad as if they start learning hindi..they’ll start forgetting tamil…and tamil will be doomed…so hindi is looked upon as a foriegn party set to invade tamil nadu…and hence the hostility. its true that chennai is the least cosmopolitan of all places…but then it is not missing out on it boom…atleast from what i hear it is very much a part of the IT boom. and of course…bangalore is definitely much better than chennai…atleast in my current short stay in bangalore..i find it to be much better…maybe the monotonity of it will catch up soon…but till then i am enjoying this place…in which other metro do people wear sweaters in summer?? and the autowallahs here are heavenly compared to chennai…no doubt..but of course…autowallahs of bombay are the best!

  10. arnstein says:

    Ah … lots of comments :)

    Actually, yeah, I didn’t comment when I first read the post, but did so later after reading anonymous coward:)

    About languages, I *think* its your wrong guess that French and Japanese people don’t speak English just because they don’t want to, but rather because the majority (lot) of people just don’t know it, or possible not be very comfortable with it. (I can speak for Poland atleast, perhaps not a good example of the “developed” world, but hey, we like following the west!)

    On an interesting side note, most European (and China/Japan etc) countries use their own local language for computing… out here, those who can speak English can use computers, most of the rest can’t.

    And to everybody who considers Bangalore better than Chennai: I agree :D

  11. Big J says:

    @COWARD the coward is not coward but buffoon to argue that in Japan people only speak japanise and all… They do so as that is universal language for the country; but in country like india this is not the case (at least 15 different recognized languages); so every indian should at least share a common medium of communication which is hindi as majority speak that.

    @ochod: Hi!! this is just a friendly suggestion. PLEASE CHANGE THE NAME COZ. OCHOD CAN BE READ AS

  12. anshul says:

    @Arnold and Anonymous Coward,

    Hah! I pass my time here in Chennai listening to Hindi internet radio broadcast from and *in* Paris. There are two awesome radio stations there, by the way. There is Radio Nimboodaa and Radio TeenTaal. And there is not a single Hindi radio station in Chennai that I can listen to? You guys do have MAJOR language problems.


    can Madras be worse than Bangalore?

    Yes and by about 2 orders on magnitude. They have a sea nearby but it can only help so much.

  13. @Big J

    good point.

    and about Ochod – why did you think he was called Ochod? ;-)


    I hope pc doesn’t read about your listening to the radio stations :D :P

  14. not you says:

    no no, its not ochod.. its o-cord..

    as in

    o-cord fucker!

    (best overheard during a game of Q3 – or was it 2?)

  15. arnstein says:

    @Anshul: You seem to have assumed that I’m from Chennai while saying “*you* guys have a MAJOR language problem” … I like Chennai coz to me its like the first major city where I could live on my own – perhaps I haven’t seen the big bad/good world yet but I shall defend Chennai to death :D

    So by saying that France has got two Hindi radio stations, I bet that you’re also saying that the French people know how to speak Hindi.

    Of course not, thats not what you’re saying. Therefore, the count of Hindi radio stations don’t decide how well Tamilians can speak Hindi. (I’m not saying that Chennaiites speak great Hindi, I’m just saying thats a bad argument).

    And if it comes to languages, I’d suppose that it’d be easier for a Tamilian (southindian?) to learn english rather than Hindi (you might have observed that). Well then, if a bunch of Tamilians go to anywhere in the north, do they have the right to complain that the rick-drivers there don’t know English?

    Whatever (I’ve spent half an hour formulating this and thats all I got, and its 0115 hrs and I’m sleepy).. G’nite :)

  16. anshul says:

    Bite me. All I am saying is – Chennai is hindi-phobic, and more so than Paris. What the heck, pretty much the whole South is Hindi-phobic. Many who have posted on this thread have seen the great days of Radio City Bangalore. It had quality Hindi and English content. And then this happened. And bam! They had to offer tons of Kannada content. During my Bangalore visit last month, I saw what a train wreck Radio City Bangalore had become. Oh and by the way, Paris is not the whole of France and radio channels don’t have to broadcast online! They might very well have many Hindi radio channels for all you know. Britain certainly does. Foreign countries with Indian minorities are accepting hindi and tamil faster than you guys will ever accept hindi.

    Whoops! My bad! :P

    On a serious note, these days I listen to Radio City Dubai. They broadcast at 20kbps. Comes down to 25 MB or so a day if I listen to it 24 hours… I am sure PC won’t have a problem with that.

  17. Jayanth T N says:

    Okay, as regards South Indians being hindi-phobic, I think this is the reason: Hindi being adopted as the national language. What, 20-25% of India’s population resided in a region where Hindi was definitely a totally alien language. Rather harsh, don’t you think?
    And, Anshul, B’lore has a 24-hour Western Music station,’s only 24-hr International Music station…I think Radio City’s decision to broadcast Kannada music was not so much the government’s as its wanted to perhaps cater to a larger mass…
    Maybe we are steering the topic off track…but, what the hell, 0220 hours! Yet, getting back to the point, CHENNAI SUCKS BIG TIME!

  18. darth says:

    wow such contreversy over simple truth,
    life indeed;

    ps:chennai sux big time, a lot of chennaites (not all) suck even more…

  19. darth says:


    chennai is the least tourist friendly place i’ve been to.
    besides the obvious language prob and the fucking insane auto charges and the people who keep shouting in incomprehensible languages, there is no beauty in this place like obel says.
    Even with all this, the no: of tourists that do come here surprise me. i think they’re intrested to see shit lying on public roads which give them thrills of never seen b4 freedom..

  20. arnstein says:

    @darth: hmm.. kochi a lot better :D ?

  21. Judan says:

    In Tamil Nadu no one targets a person because of his origin.

    The only condicion is that Tamil is must for day to day needs. You either no Tamil or dont know Tamil.

    No one targets you because you because you speak Hindi, Telungu or Kannadam. They will simply ignore you as it is like greek and mind their business.

    In Karnatakam, Bombay and other place people are being target because of their origin. The recent anti-Tamil riots are also an example.

    If you look at recent riots….there have big riots in Karnatakam and present anti-north Indian riots in Bombay. You dont see riots in TN.

    Of course it is possible not learn Tamil and live like a foreigner (Tamil is infact one of the most learned Indian language by foreigners). Staying TN without learning is a fantastic achievment, though quite shameful but which the Hindians will take pride.

    THe White Britisher learned Tamil and atleast made some developments…but not Hindians many of whom come and commit crime in TN.

    About Radio stations, it is the Bangalore has near to 30% – 40% Tamil but no Tamil songs played in history forget a radio station. Manipur has a sizable Tamil population but no Tamil songs played in history of Hindian controlled radio. Same in Bombay, Delli.

    There is less than small minority Hindian population in Madras who will demand their fundamental right of radio station forgetting Tamil is banned in their places and other places with significant Tamil population.

  22. sugunathan says:

    Hindian Railways of late have been sponsoring Hindian criminals into Tamil Nadu. The near recent case of 900 labourers from Bihar being let go free of charge at Kanniyakumari railway station is an example coming to light. No one know how many Hindians travel free in GCs and infiltrate into TN.

    One can see the reflection of this by the spurt in crime in TN by hands of Hindians.

    The recent murders after 2005 outside of Madras city, Vellore and also southern TN perpertuated by the Hindian criminals in sheer outcome of sponsorship of free passage by various Hindian labourers into TN.

    One can notice yellow stickers put on all coaches of all trains proclaiming only Hindi speakers are Indians and rest are foreigers.

    That gives Hindians right to do what they like starting from not learning the language (unlike even ENglish colonialist many who learnt Tamil), to more serious things like taking to crime.

    Of course that keeps Karunanidhi happy as Lallu is big money supplier. Karunanidhi is thankful by on one hand introducing junk Hindi radio stations into TN while attacking Tamil cable operators.

  23. George says:

    The sky is mostly covered with clouds? How I wish that were true, it would make life so much easier. Unfortunately, most of the time we’re just bathed in scorching sunlight. As for veshtis, don’t dis the veshti :) I’ve only recently discovered its joys, and no one, not even the gods of loosening knots can take it away from me. I think it’s pretty cool, frankly.

    The green by the roadside is a pleasant change from the yellows and blacks, wouldn’t you say? Besides, you can never have enough plants.

    What I find strange is the general feeling that we don’t like speaking Hindi. Very many people here do, in fact, speak Hindi and auto drivers frequently call out to me in Hindi. Walking down any street you’ll definitely find at least one person who can speak the language, or something similar like Urdu.

    In any case, come in peace, you’re always welcome. We’re very accepting, and though most of us will ignore any puerile complaints (if you must, understand that to most of us Chennai is just where we live, we’re not on a religious crusade to defend it against fans of other cities or states), you’re welcome to sail our seas (try it sometime, sailing is rather fun), walk our beaches (if you’re interested, Nov-April is Olive Ridley nesting season, you’ll never regret a turtle walk) and admire the architecture of the old city (simply beautiful, if you go in for that sort of thing).

  24. chennaite says:

    incorrigible introvert,i think u r absolutely mistaken about chennai. i hav been to both bangalore & chennai.i think that chennai is a better place than sleepy bangalore. as for dhothi &language,”r u deaf & blind?”,almost all the people except politicians and some poor people here wear modern dress.even the autorickshawallaas here try to speak in english even if they don’t know it(for evidence go through archives of “going native” column of weekend metroplus of hindu)please don’ comment on chennai blindly without experiencing anything . in north india people speak only hindi even if they know english which is very hard for tourirists.

  25. kumarasan says:

    Yes. there are many Hindians in Tamilnadu as there are Tamils in Bombay, Delhi. But the Hindians biggest achievement is living without learning Tamil. There is reason why the Hindu Newspaper called Hindians as the “Arrogant Americans of India”.

    THe hard part of Hindian arrogance is the fact is despite the low population, a sizeable criminal population in Tamilnadu are Hindians.


  26. chennaitoogoodforindia says:

    incorrigible fella has the talents of a f’ked up. immerse yourself in the wealth generated by this legendary town for the whole of india, i think only mumbai comes close. as someone said, hindians (hindis as per the west!) may occupy a lot of india however need to start thinking outside their caste and language system. hindis try getting your hips backs in the bollywood songs and also see you get an original identity for that industry. i think i see a lot of piggyback riding by hindis on the south and the west. sorry for the conceited feedback,in can make matters worse, that is not my intent. however, disliking something turns into love later on…. so, give chennai a chance and learn about it and you’ll find beauty that no other city in the world has offered. like the lotus flower, cooum has made for the most beautiful city in the world, that is never pretentious, passionate snobbish or even try to be intellectual, but it is even more than that, spiritual, conservative, compassionate and just too deep. yes, there are language bigots everywhere, but remember Tamil is the closest link to Sanskrit and Hindi is no Sanskrit, my pal or even close to it. so, take your time to learn about chennai. it will envelope you and take you in. the place for everyone on this planet, if there is one, it is one and only chennai.

  27. hmmmm….. I like what George had to say. It was actually helpful.

    yeah man, the depth of your argument has completely converted me. I swear!

  28. borguk says:

    Wow! I never thought I would ever see a pro-chennai fundamentalist! You get to see something new everyday!

  29. Sense and Simplicity says:

    Hi guys…..I have been tracking this debate for quiet sometime now and the verdict is as follows: The people who are in favor of Chennai, are certainly suffering from an acute Identity crisis. (no wonder why they would want to claim their superirority in all fucked up instances). Hahahaha you finally got my point, I stand whole hearted for the motion “Chennai Sucks” (suck what?) knock knock dude….wake up….time for some Idli, wada Dosa and Sambhar (not to forget the shitty leaves used as topping and it comes for free (LOL: My shit is free as well; any tamil up for a bid?). They (illes and Pilles) suck in everything they did, do and will do in their unfortunate future ahead! Oh Oh, why not start by identifying what the creepy Tamilians, are really all about. I need not type nothing to define the pieces of scattered shit, its all out there:

    A highly exaggerated statement in the name of Chennai that goes down into the deep chasm of Shame( Madras…sounded cool, but as if care for the name) Whats in the name anyways?
    Remember the old school of thoughts “you can buy a pillow, not sleep” let alone the materialism and big talks “The name is not big enough”. oops…what fucking school am I talking about? Tamilians and Schools are likes (likes repel each other…Students, did you have too much of physics today?). You have to be a metro to be a metro.
    Why compare…as it is far behind the other metros in India (forget about crossing the seven oceans). Other metros in India have gained from their worthy of standing out as the best however its unfortunate enough for the Tamilians to have bestowed upon themselves as metro citizen and have failed miserably.
    Please don’t expect me not to complain since a Metro city will not have a staple diet consisting of Idli, wada, Dosa and sambhar. Don’t worry about coconuts ( it is still more expensive than the other metros). Thank god Vasco da Gama exported most of spices out of Chennai and the southern waters paying homage/respect to the great treasures of India called Spices. Cmon man…..give respect if you cant earn it. It is Time you to hold your heard high and shove some black pepper up your asses to get the Taste of India.
    You don’t become a metro by the simple use of products sold in the name of “METRO” even a four year old kid knows better shortcuts than the Choots (refer to the link above)
    Metro water is not even worth cleaning my shit let alone going bald with water that makes no sense. Metro Buses (transport) is more of a stink bomb that we have heard of as childhood jokes (not as a infrasturture standards set by the land of the choots (refer to link above))
    Never heard of a Metro where buses of two different routes have the same number only difference being one goes half the route and the number is slashed out. Are you guys short of numbers or didn’t go to school at school?
    Autos here are more expensive than taking a full cab in other metros….fuck the meters, it’s the money that matters the most to the Tamilians.
    Education is crap as everyone is a M Tech and doesn’t even how to check whether internet is working on a computer or not??? “Oh my God…I forgot to open my Internet Explorer to make sure the homepage is not hijacked”. Rather buy a degree , sit at home and save on the petrol crisis……CONTRIBUTE…..DONATION IS EDUCATION HERE !
    Never heard of a metropolitan with a drainage crisis too ( no wonders why the Tsunami always wanted to head this way to shrink this shithole place in the waters of shame, destruction and grief) Point proved, “You guys are good for nothing”.
    One fucking metropolitan where English is not accepted universally as they are too proud with Tamil as a language in order to maintain their culture that they have inherited from God knows who??? One language that pains more than a ear bud shoved my ears (wish I could shove not a ear bud but a bamboo stick up all the Tamil asses from Chennai to make them feel how they sound. (I can already feel the decibels blaring up their holes….XPLOD as says Sony !) I even saw a Tamil ass who had tied up a radio system against his ears using a headband, with blaring non sense music so awful at 5 o clock in the morning….cmon you shitholes I am all ears
    Cant even make a fuck out whether a couple is out on a date proposing each other or are they indulged in a verbal debate in public with abuses that haven’t been heard of in distant years / lands. (Cmon man where did you eat up your punctuations).
    One Metro where it is party time when a Tamilian passes away (one burdened gone down the drain, rest in que). There is music, flowers, dancing, raving and a get together all decked up to celebrate the loss of one life and gain of saving expenses from one less feeding stomach……oops we are missing the feeling here??? You never imagine they might be raising a toast too at the loss, but I dare not go near those stinking bastards. (no wonder we north Indians are only ones buying the perfumes and deoderants off the shelves of Spencer and More. You guys might have awesome and lavish cars / homes…but where is touch of humanity and “The great Indian Pride”. Get lost…you don’t belong nowhere, as you shall bring nothing to society but Shame. Barring the few good men (recently proved AR Rahman, who has seen beyond the borders of this Shitbox. My appreciation goes out to him as he is more Bollywood than being one of you.
    Entertainment is no less entertaining….you may copy IRobot starring Rajni (kunth: refer to the link above) and be arrogant not paying tribute to the original concept that took birth on foreign lands. Why did Dusvidaniya pay tribute to a multi starrer blockbuster “The Bucket List”? We north Indian, know what it takes to give respect to others. “You get what you give.” ( I am sorry….I meant you will be respected, if you only respect others first….hope you got it this time).
    One fucking Metro where you cant take a free right turn at a four way crossing. One metro where IT expressway is worse than my small streets in Calcutta or Delhi. Traffic police are here to harass and earn some quicks bucks where if you are a Tamilian, you are let go and non Tamil has to stuff his pocket with 100 rupee note. One hell of a Metro where 2 is said as “Rund” …..holy shit I wish you guys had read a Hindi dictionary before implementing such a word. This is what happens when you haven’t explored the other lands before claiming Chennai to be Metro. Am I missing something…yeah I surely miss the Metro rail back home in Calcutta. You guys couldn’t have done it anyways. You driving on the wrong side of the road doesn’t make sense at all and is surely not a gatepass to heaven. (you all are hell bound, so get prepared for the Armageddon).
    As far as the recession is concerned this is one fucking Metro, where rents are hiked due to recession. (Money and Tamil, is that all you can talk about). As far Mumbai and its slums are concerned, slums make up for Mumbai raising Billions of rupees towards the Indian economy and that too being situated in a part of Mumbai…what about this shitbox??? Here everyone looks like he/she has groomed in the Slums (Slums Slums everywhere….Chennai is going nowhere). The discussion has just started my Friend. See you soon, if you want to tour Chennai. I will do it for free !

  30. Forest says:

    I have lived in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi , Kolkata. Travelled to Kashmir, Darjeeling, kerala, hyderabad,Hill stations in north, rajasthan, pondicherry. Been abroad once – to thailand. And now destiny brings me to chennai.
    I like the good things of life and live and let live attitude of mumbai and blore people. its the people that define a city.If chennai is humid… its geographical reasons. if roads are bad…govt sucks. But if people are drop dead boring and have no idea of their 5 senses there is something wrong somewhere….
    1. Smell- there is a mix of those white flower and sweat. No concept of deo and perfumes here mate.

    2.Taste- Hahaha. Where is it… the only decent local cuisisne available here is chettinad, which i must say has some gud flavours. If people eat idly, sambar, rice, curd,papad everyday 365 days a year, 70 years of their lives- what do u expect????
    There is a chinese saying–” You are what you eat” and people here are dry.

    3.Hearing- Tamil, Tamil and more tamil. I donot demean the language, but its everywhere and its irritating. people are load, uncouth

    4.Sight- We are born with features which has direct link to our lineage. Plain and simple. People all over the world, africans, far east asians— not all are exceptionaly beautiful. But they do maintian themselves, spend time, effort adn money on LOOKING DECENT & ATTRACTIVE. I have seen a lot of very attractive black women abroad. They are up to date man. People here , i guess dont have a mirror at home, dont give a damn about their looks.its such a painful site. Yuck

    5.Touch-Cant coment on this. can I?

    Other imp points;
    No restaurant where u can get a beer with food. Tamil nade has the second largest consumption of beer in india. Its obviously people boozing on roads- dead drunk. No pubs.only n five stars.

    So its plain and simple. chennai sucks. And i have logically explained it.

  31. borguk says:

    The first step towards correcting a problem is accepting it and that’s as much true for a city and a culture as much for a person. Chennai does suck and that won’t change till the people their accept that it does suck.

  32. sandy says:


  33. sandy says:

    CHENNAI SUXS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. nascent nuances says:

    In all this conversation about Hindi and Tamil, and Tamil being the native language and all.. arent we forgetting something very basic ???… Hindi is the national language of our country.. as much as one should behave like a Roman would when in Rome, what happens when the Romans in consideration are not in sync with the dynamics of Rome…be it in Rome,or Paris, or Japan, or England…name one place where people dont just fail to but also make no attempt to learn or understand (deliberately or otherwise…!!!)the national language of the country…
    I am here in chennai for about 3 weeks now, and will be here for another 3 weeks(pray that my work gets over sooner)…and well what do you think.. i agree CHENNAI SUCKS .. n big tym…

    I agree with Forest to a large extent when he says that a person has no control over how he/she looks, but certainly has a lot of control over how he/she can look.People here are confined to a very streamlined way of thought and worse is that they believe that its the way the world should be, n all the more are not willing to walk an inch to adopt ot adapt to anything that might make a non-native a lill more comfortable…forget about the language,coz i am not sure wether chennai would have been a better place even if they spoke hindi or english that is understandable to a sane speaker…People here are not willing to believe that there can ever be any other way of life other than the one they live.. the dry, uncouth way…i might not understand japanese, or spanish (just like i dont understand a word of Tamil), but it certainly doesnt sound foul and uncouth (mind you, no disrespects to the language, but the way its just drives u up the wall at times…most of the times rather…!!!)
    The autowallas charge you exhorbitant amounts to travel trivial distances, so if you do not have your personal vehicle you are sure gonna have a tough time on the streets of chennai… they have no concept of taxis here…all they have is call taxis which again obviously charge you exhorbitant amounts…so for a common man the only convenient mode of transportation remains the busses, which again do not give you the option of shutting the windows if you think that there is too much heat or wind, because they have no window panes at all..
    Well talk about food… naah.. really dont.. if i start i can go on and on and on…but what is the point…people here are still going to be what they are and are still going to take offense in what i say rather than taking it as feedback from a non-native…
    Well for the sake of the city and for the sake of larger good of the country i hope this city turns a new leaf and starts welcoming people with open arms rather than shunning them away…

  35. Unknown Soul says:

    Hi nascent nuances,
    I completely agree whatever you have written. I have been suffering here for the past one year and believe me everymoment of my life i am trying to move out of this shithole place.
    Let me speak something from my experience here in chennai :
    Dressing – The least told is better. I have seen people coming to corporate environment wearing dirty shirt and that also not tugged in. Trousers are never ironed and moreover wearing chappals. This is still better, I have seen people wearing lungi or veshti to office and roaming arround barefeet. No sence of hygene. I thought may be cannot afford shoe because thiss city is fucking costly. But the day i saw a Tamil coming out of a TATA Safari, with clean white shirt, vesti and no shoes. It was the shocker of my life. I felt like I am in some alien world.
    Culture- these people boast of culture, I have seen people dance and party and take out procession when someone dies. Is this what culture is? People may say that there are too many temples here and people are religious. I can say the 1 KM distance from my house to the main road, there are 5 temples. Isnt that too much? I dont think people are too much religious. People here build temples just to get rid of the sins. That proves people here are too much guilty.
    Food – least told is the better. Who the hell on earth can survive the entire life on idli, dosa and pongals? I understand everyone cannot be non veg, but still in veg items also there are variety. But who will make these people understand? And above all on every item they have their topping of curry leaf. If you try to have some food which is not of tamil origin it is damn costly. Think wherever india will anyone pay in the range of Rs12-Rs16 for a single roti at a roadside shop.
    Weather – Chennai has three weather. Hot, hotter and hottest. Nothing more than that. Here the rainy season is in Nov-Dec. And if rains for more than an hour the entire city is underwater. here i have seen people coming to office and wearing jacket because the office is air conditioned. The weather is so bad that anyone who is not from this place will get boils and burns on the skin.
    Transport- The buses are over crouded and the conductors will not even tell you which route the bus will take. No taxis available here. Only option is call taxi who charge Rs100 for the first 5 kms, and that also non A/C. Auto drivers are the greatest cheat in the world i have seen. They charge approx Rs10 -15 per KM, which you can pay to book A/C innova/ tavera/qualis/sumo in other cities. So if you dont have a vehicle you are jacked. Moreover here people dont have any lane decipline. They cutlanes , drive in wrong side of the road and people say nothing. I have seen people riding triple on bikes at high speed without helmet.
    Liquor – If anyone loves liquor, then chennai is definately not the place. as no standard brands available. even chilled beer is not available. People drink hot beer and brandy from road side shops and sleep on the footpath. All the liqur shops are run by the govt. The govt doesnt allow liquor brands which are not from here and so the shops sell all local raw spirits in the name of rum, vodka, whisky. These stores never sell at printed prices, but always above the printed price. There is no proper bar here, and bars are there in star hotels which most people cannot afford every weekend.
    Movies – People here love watching movies of a 60+ here doing all logic defying stunts and dancing with heroines half or quarter of their age. If anyone goes to a multiplex most of the screens run local tamil movies. No english or hindi movies.
    Language – There is no sweetness in the language and there is no punctuations also. People here are too proud of their language and is not ready to listen or understand any other language. If you speak any other language you are like an alien to them and your work will not be done.
    Office – Finally i am coming to the reason why I am in chennai. I was transferred here by my company for a transition. Office runs completely on favouritism. If anyone is a tamil, he/she will get the best hikes, best projects, onsite, etc. If you are a non tamil, how ever hard work you do, they will find out mistakes and will say there is room for improvement. If there is team outing, non tamils are not invited as they are not tamils.

    If anyone can counter any of the points mentioned above, please reply back so that I can write more about this fucked up place called chennai.
    Who ever gave the metro status to this place should think again or this state got the status by bribing?

    Waiting for the day to reclaim my life when I will be out of this shit pot.
    Unknown Soul.

  36. nascent nuances says:

    well as for everyone who think that people here speak decent english…it just goes a long way to say how good ur english could ever get…tell me another place where the letter H is (proudly) called “hey-ich” and then completely not enunciate ‘h’ when it comes to promouncing a word that starts with a H – so “hungry” is called “aan-gary” here…n proudly so…Well kudos to you for screwing the language.. no wonder u guys dont speak anything other than tamil…u wouldnt be able to…coz wen u are told its not “hey-ich” but is ‘h’.. u squint…well that saya s lot…!!!

  37. sandeep says:

    in google

    chennai sucks

    Results 1 – 10 of about 112,000 for chennai sucks. (0.30 seconds)

  38. tn says:

    in google

    bangalore sucks

    Results 1 – 10 of about 137,000 for bangalore sucks. (0.23 seconds)

  39. Anshul says:

    Touche. But,

    mumbai sucks
    Results 1 – 10 of about 302,000 for mumbai sucks. (0.25 seconds)

    delhi sucks
    Results 1 – 10 of about 242,000 for delhi sucks. (0.24 seconds)

    kolkata sucks
    Results 1 – 10 of about 45,700 for kolkata sucks. (0.24 seconds)

    patna sucks
    Results 1 – 10 of about 9,820 for patna sucks. (0.23 seconds)

    If at all anything, the number of google results just seem to be correlated to the popularity of the word “suck” in these cities. :P

  40. Sucharit Sarkar says:

    Man, you always have to normalize before taking statistics like this.

    City (X) – Google hits for X sucks – Google hits for X rocks – ratio

    kolkata – 45K – 1830K – 40
    mumbai – 287K – 6910K – 24
    delhi – 449K – 1690K – 3
    chennai – 105K – 1820K – 17
    bangalore – 140K – 616K – 4

    I rest my case that Bangalore sucks big time. Apparent Delhi sucks even more, but I never ever lived in Delhi. On the other hand, look at Calcutta. I don’t want to brag, but just look at it.

  41. tamilian says:

    ha ha ha !!!!!! if you feel chennai suck.then go back to home place. as simple as that.

    we love tamil we speak tamil. that the way itis. we dont speak english properly either. who care you like chennai or not. because of this attitude you north indian are racially attacked in australia. there are many tamil living in austyralia but there is no incident of aussies attacking tamils. but you can see many north indian attacked brutally. answer is simple if you are in australia act like australian.

    you people suck a big time

  42. I Agree says:

    Hey Anonymous Coward,

    I agree with you 100%. It is a shame, pity, disgusting and ridiculous that a foreign language like english is allowed in chennai but not an Indian lamguage like Hindi.
    This shows their patricotic spirit.
    Also these tamilians don’t even have the courtesy or the manners to speak in a common language when they are in a group, even if the others do not know tamil.
    They are totally stuck up with their roots, language, culture, blah blah and what not. they just don’t want to come out and see, look beyond. i think they are very conservative and narrow minded. they are experts in showing off their wealth during weddings.
    What i find funny is during their weddings, they also display their educational qualitifcations besides their own names (on that board that they display outside the mandap)
    God bless these people. Today the world is so progressive but look at these people. Here in the US, I feel like running away when I spot these women dressed wup in oily hair, in a plait, with the bindi on and in lo and behold in office wear (shirts and pants)…looks so disgusting….and then men with that udi on their foreheads trying to boast their culture

  43. hindimadrasi says:

    i loved each and every bit of this conversation:

    been here in Chennai for almost 2.5 years and am loving every bit of it. i would not wake up at 5 in the morning for my own wedding but i wake up so early to attend the weddings of many colleagues and friends here. and have the yummy idlis and vadas at 8-9 am. the taste differs from wedding to wedding. (O Man!! if these guys see the punjabi/marwari/indian wedding reception and the food menu, i am sure they will die of inferiority complex).

    Culture: a big point for all of them and here are a few facts:
    1. TN has only 2 political parties and the leaders of both parties are known to have illegitimate relations. (i am told the concept of Chinna Vid (second house/ keep) is a socially accepted norm in TN. so if you have a second wife (whether legitimate or illegitimate), you are considered successful in life.
    2. TN has highest suicides due to love affairs……….
    3. TN has highest murder rate for extra-marital affairs…………
    4. Chennai surpassed Mumbai recently for highest number of divorces……..

    2 shirts, 2 trousers and 2 lungi/veshti are enough for the life of a common man here. he spends his prime income for buying GOLD. in my whole life, i have never seen so big jewellery showrooms and the crowd is so big as if the jewellery showroom is distributing gold free of cost.

    have seen people fighting on the roads of Delhi and the most common dialogue is “you dont know who I am”, my uncle is someone, my in laws is someone in ministry. In chennai people fight and fight endlessly for their pride (i am told its cultural pride of the above facts).

    but still, i love this place a lot. this is one city in India where you find 10 SUVs following an autorickshaw and none will overtake for the fear of denting his car. why do you guys buy SUVs then??? better try bullock karts. its a common sight to find 2 bikers stopping in the middle of road and start talking without any respect for the traffic. here is one place where i found a befitting answer to the midnight bikers of delhi (in chennai they are daytime bikers enacting their favorite Rajini Sir). then comes the BUS day everyyear when the college students get on to the roofs of MTC busses and create ruckus in public.


    have interviewed almost 200 engg/mgmt graduates during last 2.5 years and none of them can work outside TN and hence doomed….

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