I couldn’t kiss you

I couldn’t kiss you.
I couldn’t kiss you -
Because you were too close.

I have a broken sail and a roaring sea.
My Herculean muscles
And this feeble oar.

An endless struggle.
And a futile resistance.

After a hundred strangled pleasures
A sweet sigh of relief.
Till the next gush of a devastating storm arrives…

Beyond these
Beyond all these… there lives someone.
For whom I bleed. Everyday.
I fight a knife that I cannot see.
My wounds get deeper and deeper.
I bleed, I bleed and I fight again.
Too tired, too drained
I make love with Death.

I could touch you
If I just stretched my hand.

I could smell you
If I just took a breath.

I had you all around me
So much of you
That I couldn’t kiss you.


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9 Responses to I couldn’t kiss you

  1. Maitreyi says:

    excellent !!
    beautiful !! :)

    cheers :-)

  2. Soumendra says:

    yes. beautiful.

  3. I can’t believe Arghya wrote this. I never saw this tremendous poet during all those years in college. Amazing … clap clap clap! (I am seriously applauding!)

    I make love with Death

    sounds like an influence of Shiladitya ;-)

  4. san says:

    Master stroke!please accept my
    my appriciation.

  5. Soumendra says:

    Actually, “I make love with Death” was introduced by Anshul, who translated the poem from its beautiful Bengali version, and the original is as different from Shiladityo’s gothic laments as anything could be. Arghya did make a lot of the suggestions, however, and this might be one of those.

  6. Arghya Mondal says:

    dudes! I made the 1st draft translation and Anshul later made quite a bit of editing on it! That line was present in my translation…

  7. Anshul says:

    Soumendra, you know that I know no Bengali. How could I have translated anything from Bengali? I only edited Arghya’s own translation and that too only minimally (or so I hope). But yes, I have always loved that line a lot. It captures a feeling that perhaps no non-Shiladitya like lines would ever capture. It’s simply beautiful.

  8. kivous says:

    such ado for mouth ulcers ?!

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