My first time with Indian Idol : Of Anu Malik and other things

I saw my first episode of Indian Idol today. I was actually watching Sachin and Dravid bat on the second day of the second test at Trent Bridge, but they were too wary and cautious to be putting up an interesting performance.

It was an open secret that Anu Malik is an idiot. After today’s episode, it is not a secret anymore. He wrongly commented on the personal life of one of the contestants (to Deepali, your crush is crushing your voice. How cheeky is that?!). When cornered by the righteous Alisha Chinai, he employed three different devices of rhetorics (stalling techniques, more accurately) to evade the issue and justify himself. It could have been four, but one of his techniques constituted of making completely irrelevant statements and my knowledge of rhetorics is too poor to place it.

Anyway, some poor guy got eliminated today, and an ironic performance ensued from the other contestants that could easily have been dubbed hilarious. For the guy getting out the sorrow was genuine enough, and he took it very sportingly. Some of his mates shed some real tears too, particularly one of the girls who was with him in the danger zone. The rest of them were just pathetic, and it was hilarious to see them hide their faces with their palms so that we could not see their faces. I mean, they were supposed to be sad, and they were supposed to cry. But they failed to produce any amount of tears (we can’t blame them, the euphoria of not having been eliminated can be overwhelming) and tried to make up for it by hiding their faces and refusing to look up!

The host, Mini Mathur, however, had an easier time. After joking around with the poor eliminated guy for sometime, assuring him that he’ll be dearly missed, she simply went backstage and put some glycerin in her eyes and came back for the end credits, where she cried her heart out. I hope she gets paid well. She has to keep crying like this for seven or so weeks more.


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9 Responses to My first time with Indian Idol : Of Anu Malik and other things

  1. Victor says:

    Hey I completely agree with you on the idiotic idiosyncrasy of Anu Mallik. But I found just one person hiding his face not to expose his tearless face. i thought others were genuine at least in their sorrow.

    About Mini no comments, coz i was unable to separate her roles as a host and a consoler for the person who was getting kicked out of the show. Therefore i m not sure whether she was doing her job as a host or really sad.

  2. You should watch the video again and observe the other participants. Some fan must have put it up in YouTube or somewhere.

    And what is Mini Mathur? Mother Teresa?

  3. arnstein says:

    Lol yeah, have been watching this drama for the last 2.5 months at pune… they keep kicking out people, bringing them back…. anu malik makes some of the weirdest comments (or makes up some terrible songs in praise of the contestant) — or alisha would go on to praise some of the worst performances, eventually leading to a argument amongst the judges (sometimes more interesting to watch than the performances themselves).

    My vote for Ankita :P

  4. anshul says:

    Wow! You guys must have had a summer far more boring than mine to have sat and actually seen that crap!

  5. ochod says:

    seriously dudes…. i thought that i was getting bored here! indian idol is not even so bad that its good… its worse than that!.. may u get better things to waste your time on…u cud probably just sleep and hope that some hot female screws you in dreams…or try out lucid dreaming and get a hot girl to screw you…or you could try watching sun tv!

  6. @Achal
    You know what, I am actually trying out lucid dreams! Well, not exactly lucid dreams. I am trying to build this thing called Kvasar which supposedly helps in lucid dreaming.

    Ok, so I guess I am just interested in Robotics.

    My vote for Ankita too! :P

    Also, I have been told that Alisha is partial towards all the good looking guys. She apparently never misses a chance to compliment a guy on his look/ charm/ personality etc etc!

    Had that been Alessandra Ambrosio instead of Alisha I would definitely have tried for the Indian Idols.

  7. Preyas says:

    Kvasar sounds really cool. Do tell if and when you complete building it.

  8. lokesh says:

    its all true i think as u describe it.nice really

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