Moin Khan is an Idiot

There are no two ways about it, Moin Khan is a man with little insight, pathetic foresight, non-existent intelligence and atrocious double standards.

I have always meant to write about him, ever after he commented on Sachin in the most cowardly manner. I did comment on that article in passing in one of my earlier posts (the last para), but Moin’s continued double standards merited a more elaborate treatment.

Then I stumbled across this article in cricinfo, and I felt it says almost everything I could have wanted to say on the Moin Khan. The post wanders a little in the beginning, but soon comes to the point and goes on detailing the history of Moin Khan’s deceptive double standards.

Moin Khan is too much of an idiot to be taken seriously, but we are not living in an ideal world either.


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