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Suddenly last week, very much against my wishes, I had to go to one of the places I have least wanted to visit in all my life. I was packed off with my bags in the name of holidays, and I knew I was damned if I was going to enjoy a minute of it. This is the draft I had planned to put up before I was thrown out of my room with my Nokia 6300 and a ticket to an epidemic ridden rainy patch of land that was supposed to be beautiful.

heyy babyy posterI have just watched the irritating Heyy Babyy, which tries to pass off a lot of vulgarity in the name of comedy. It is one of the dumbest and most disgusting movies I have (unfortunately) seen this year. I am surprised by the amount of “critical acclaim” it has gathered.

There were some nice ideas, like Prof Parimal Tripathy (but the follow through was unsuccessful, because this was a movie made by the brainless for the brainless), but the sheer vulgarity of the movie overwhelmed everything else. I could grant them the suspension of disbelief and the attempts at crude juvenile humour, but their mindless abuse of the cinematic language to produce counter points to a point just made was too much to handle. At one side they introduce Vidya Balan (at the wedding) as a sharif and khaandaani girl, who is the least likely to engage in freelance romance, and right there we see a sexed up Vidya dancing provocatively, to the point of touching her own b**bs, and I ask myself, what kind of sharif and khaandaani girl did Sajid Khan, the director of the movie, had in mind?!

In case someone is looking for decent (sometimes great) comedies in recent times, I would advise him to try the ones from Priyadarshan and the one-offs like Khosla Ka Ghosla or Bheja Fry.

I saw promos of Om Shanti Om and Saawariya, and I’m sure these movies are going to be big hits. Om Shanti Om is a sure winner, because it does what no other movie has done before, recreating a version of our seventies’ movie culture, and as a result has a freshness that’ll appeal to the average cinema goer. Good luck to the SRK basher (me being one of them), but this is a movie in the right direction and SRK is the right choice for his part. But of course, the seventies’ version we are going to see in this movie is going to be very different then the seventies as we knew it.

The first few seconds of Saawariya were slightly disappointing, but soon I was enchanted by the sheer beauty of the images and the sequences waltzing through. The beats in the background promise a captivating score, and the intricately detailed imagery provoke a feeling of poignant yet joyful emotion that I can associate with love.

However, contrary to SLB’s claim that he is trying to reach back his roots as a filmmaker, trying to relive his early innocence, this movie, or at least the trailer, is a testimony to the maturity he has attained. There are a few stills which reminded me of Devdas and Black very strongly.

Talking of that, I believe this movie will make a kind of trilogy along with Devdas and Black. Devdas was dominated by the colour red, and Black, redundant to say, by the colour black. Whoever has seen the promos of Saawariya will agree to the opulence and dominance of the colour blue. Red – Black – Blue. I am talking nonsense.

Here is a rough selection of ten movies in my to-watch list (apart from Om Shanti Om and Saawariya) -

  1. Transfermers -
  2. I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
  3. I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK
  4. The Bourne Ultimatum
  5. Zodiac
  6. Love in the Time of Cholera
  7. Vivaldi (Joseph Fiennes)
  8. Boyhood
  9. The Long Goodbye (Altman)
  10. My Wife Is an Actress.


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4 Responses to Heyy Babyy – Om Shanti Om – Saawariya

  1. xnegvx says:

    I share your pain about Heyy Babyy … a truly disgusting attempt at “getting inspired” by Three man and a baby. I am all for inspiration, but I was shocked by lack of direction, deliberate attempts at making the movie emotional and crude humor. I am a fan of Sajid Khans humor (*guilty as charged*) but this movie was a big let down.

  2. Love in the time of cholera is becoming a movie? That’s probably good, probably not . . . but I am certainly going for it. Is it going to be released in India (esp. Chennai?), or do I need to depend on the enterprising students of C**?

  3. pr3rna says:

    What else did you expect from Sajid Khan? Anybody familiar with Sajid Khan can tell it is typical Sajid Khan comedy.Om Shanti Om looks refreshing but I am a SRK fan so I dont know if my opinion counts.

  4. roopa says:

    Sure as hell.
    I loved the comedy part in the movie.certainly it is sajid.

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