India – The New Twenty20 Champions

Dhoni celebrating India’s win in the twenty20 world cup finalWell, honestly, there is nothing I have to say on the tantalising victory of India over Pakistan in the final. The feeling of joy is too primitive and pure at the moment to be delved into. It will take a couple of days to settle down and it is only in retrospect that I will find something to say, which someone must have said somewhere already.

What made the inaugural Twenty20 final one of the greatest matches we have ever seen is the closely fought contest. The game twisted an tilted all through the game. Nobody had any idea till the last ball about who was going to win, and even when Misbah went on and scooped Joginder Sharma’s fuller delivery over short fine leg, I panicked for a moment thinking it was a boundary when the camera following the ball hovered in the midair. Then, in one exhilarating moment, as soon as the ball started coming down, I spotted Srisanth in the offing and my heart did a flipflop as I realised that India’s dream journey had finally come through.

It does remind one of the 1983 world cup. Underdogs, upstaging some of the biggest powerhouses in the world cricket to reach the final in a relatively new format. And then the enthralling final, where after being restricted to a low total against one of the most formidable bowling side the world has ever seen, we fought back with some champion bowling and fielding performances to win the final we never dreamed of even reaching. That could very well be a description of this world cup.

To say that India held its breath while Dhoni’s squad fought for their honour would hardly be an overstatement, at least from where I see. In my city. not a single vehicle moved. From the abandoned look of the streets, one could as well have thought that nobody lived there, except for the momentary uproars and screams of joy whenever a wicket fell, and, in the later overs, whenever a ball was left unscored.

Only he who has seen that silence of despair can know how eagerly these moments of victory had been awaited, and how special they feel.

I’ll take the messy and messed up tone of this post as a confirmation of Oscar Wilde’s aphorism – The purest of emotions produce only the worst kind of writings.

And yes, the unbelievers can now rest in peace. Twenty20 is here to stay.


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  1. Preyas says:

    Amazingly expressed. This is certainly not an example of the worst kind of writing. Shall we then conclude that your joy is not pure enough?

  2. san says:

    Yeah..very true!..and cant agree more with u..Twenty20 is here to stay..stay for a long long time.The concept has proveds its efficacy.

  3. These words poured down in this post were tears of joy, not labour of love, and I didn’t think much of them at that time. The post, and its words, felt way too mundane to capture that wonderul elation of heart.

    And how dare you accuse the worshipper of doubts for his religion?! :D

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