Irene lives on … :)

In the meanwhile, the motherboard of Irene got all burnt up and I had to buy a new one along with some more ram! Ubuntu just cruised through the new motherboard, and I didn’t have a single hitch. It even offered to download and install drivers from ATI!

WindowsXP, on the other hand, completely fell apart, failing even to boot up, and I’ll salvage the remnants when I have more time in my hands and less things on my mind. I wonder why people plough on under the impression that XP is more usable! And I also manufactured a reliable way to get the blue screen of death in XP SP2 (Hrishi claimed that blue screens of death were next to impossible things after SP2!). Try closing psiphon terminals after the tests are done! :)

My life seems to as elusive as ever when I try to make sense out of it, but falling in love has not been so bad. To tell the truth, I have stopped writing, but there are some random things I still want to talk about! So I will. The blog continues!

I also had a small personal anonymous blog for a while, and I had taken time off for that! But I have closed it now.

And Irene Adler lives on…


Incorrigible Introvert

I wouldn't pretend I have a worthy tale to tell, I have only the ramifications of a twisted mind to sell.
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