Dating Blues – The First Scrap

More than an year ago, I was browsing Rainbow’s (given what follows, the reader’ll understand my attempts at concealing his name :)) scrapbook, where someone had dropped in a line saying that she found his previous scrap absolutely over the top. I visited her scrapbook, dug out the culprit, and decided to help out the poor girl.

To be honest, I didn’t see that I was doing something wrong. I was not even trying to be clever, because I was so beyond trying to impress girls at that point of time, because Agnid was my roommate at that time ;), and I remember I didn’t even care enough to check out the photo album of that girl (in case she had none, I didn’t bother to check if she had one :)). I just like being obnoxious around Rainbow and I was a little insane at that time anyway. We have a long history of being obnoxious around each other. He is my oldest friend, by the way.

—– The Scrap —–

Translation courtesy babelfish

u denigrate my responses as vague. whereas i only try to be as intelligible as possible, but the very fact of what I am does not permit or let me be lucid, at least to others.
I am too smart to be understood by others.

i am not a vague or complicated person, instead, i have as much simplicity as will find around you.
I am not a simple person, because …

neways i do not hold simplicity to be a virtue, simplicity is the most terrific defense that people seeking convenience put up. [1]”
… I think being simple is a refuge for idiots. Note the way I use verbs without proper subjects to increase the vagueness and avoid simplicity.

and brevity of expression is the most potent and fertile way to tell the other person what exactly does a person mean to say. so i was just being exact.
Since I couldn’t remember the word “precision,” I took a long winded tour in the first sentence in this part to state the obvious – this is another way of being vague. I hate being brief and exact.

its unfortunate that you have processed the communication in a sense that has sufficient elements of irritation.
Please interpret what I write the way I want you to, never mind the general lack of precision and direction. For example, here, the “sufficient elements of irritation” could be either for you or for me. To interpret it exactly, please read my mind [2].


[1] Even though it might appear meaningless, this sentence is sarcastic, because it is modeled after the famous style of aphorisms employed by Oscar Wilde predominantly in his plays.

[2] To know more about techniques of reading mind, Legilimency, please refer to the works of Severus Snape and Lord Voldemart, two accomplished exponents of the field.


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I wouldn't pretend I have a worthy tale to tell, I have only the ramifications of a twisted mind to sell.
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