Dating Blues – Dating Blues

I hate first dates.

And for that matter, I hate second dates and third dates too.

I hate dates. I hate ordering the first item in the menu all the time. In fact, I hate ordering anything at all. Actually, the thing I really hate is talking to the waiter, which is further complicated because I have to catch his attention first.

I hate computers. I hate flowers. I hate ccds. I hate typos. I hate recipes for deserts. particularly anything with honey. I hate himesh reshmiya. I hate himesh reshmiya being played in ccds (and he was played every time I went out, so you can imagine how much I hate him now). I hate loka. I hate ray. I hate traffic inspectors.

yeah, well, I liked my shirt. And I like girls.

I like the kind of girls who’ll not let me pay their bills.
(not that I am ever one to insist on paying bills. no one ever informed me about this and I spent a large part of my life trying to get other people to pay my bills :). and I blame all of this on Rainbow and Anshul.)
I like girls who forget their purse at home to the point that I would end up giving them lifts!
I like girls who pay my bills anyway.
I like girls who inspire the depths of my guts to make me call out to the waiter (and the waiter actually noticed me, too!).
I like girls who feel they need to explain why they are grinning so much!
I like girls who step up to make up for my silence and then insist they talked too much because they were nervous.
I like girls who come to my rescue when I am the damsel put into distress by the frightening autowallahs.
I like girls with typos.
I like girls who can’t spell their own name correctly.
I like girls who talk like they think.
I like girls who can make an antic out of my hi with their face and eyes and particularly when that is their first expression I see.
I like girls with pimples.
I like girls with faces like live wire, smiling this moment and playing poker in the next. And I get creeps thinking how I would feel if those faces were ever to get angry at me. I swear I would die or something.
I like girls who won’t go out to movies with me. Ok, this is not strictly true, but I have to increase the list. :)
I like girls with crazy computers who don’t let me flirt with her (the computers, I mean).
I like girls who have weird definitions for what consists of acting smart!
I like girls who’ll not let me see them off and who won’t have me around them.
I like girls who can’t act.
I like girls who get depressed about where we are going.
I like girls who make deserts with honey and then mention it to me.
I like girls who don’t trust me.
I like girls who believe I don’t believe that they love me!
I like girls I can tell anything to.
I like girls who ask me if it would help if they told me that they love me.

And did I say I like girls who look so damn pretty?!

I think I am starting to run wild, so I’ll stop!! And this is one of those kind of posts that I would write very differently if I were to write them again, so I’ll probably write this one again some time with some sanity! :)


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8 Responses to Dating Blues – Dating Blues

  1. Abhishek says:

    You have a lot of hates and likes, my friend.

  2. ochod says:

    dude, for a moment i thought i had written it!

  3. ochod says:

    and, thanks to you, i fall in love with my girl all over again, just that i aint as lucky! damn you again!

  4. Anonick says:

    Haha, very nice post. I guess I’d write it differently, but we agree on the general points. ;)

  5. @Abhishek
    :) . And the list ever keeps increasing!

    Well, yeah. :)

    Patience my friend. And mind you, I don’t get to watch Coupling with any girls or make up pervert jokes to make them laugh! :)

    So I guess we are even. :)

    lol. what happened to your angular momentum?!!! :D

    Now I have officially entered in my too-many-smilies mode! :)

  6. Victor says:

    I like girls with pimples ??? !!!!!

    Then you said “I hate recipes for deserts. particularly anything with honey.” and then u say “I like girls who make deserts with honey and then mention it to me”…… ???? ;)

  7. That, detective, is the right question. :)

    The answer is rather simple. I’ll leave you to ponder over it in your lunch breaks without dg. :)

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