I have been all alone for the past few days in the house as everyone is on vaccation. Moved by the profoundity of my boredom, I turned to one of my old projects, and finally managed to translate the JAL code to PicBASIC. The point is, this time, it seems to be working, at least in the emulator! Hurrah for me. :)

So I am also finally ordering a pic programmer myself! I’ll try the code when it arrives, but I have a hunch that really building a complete kvasar will take a long time, because I suck at all that electrical stuff. And I am pretty sure there’ll be a lot to debug. I just hope I can find enough time to be jobless and bored like this. :)

And after all this drama, I am not even sure if a kvasar really does what it is supposed to be doing, but I am giving it a try nonetheless. And getting parts here will be hard too. Last week, I failed to find the 2N3006 transistor! I can’t believe I live in a capital city!

And another hurrah for Ochod F, whose brilliant suggestions for the possible uses of this device are much appreciated. :)


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