Dating Blues – Love is like bipolar disorder !

So I talked to The Wise One just now, and he had a few comments to offer. And one of them summed up my present state of mind neatly and very accurately – love seems to have replaced my clarity of vision and the blur of a perspective with a blur of vision and clarity of perspective!

I couldn’t agree more! And then I said that love seems like bipolar disorder, to sum up everything that he didn’t sum up. :)

Everyone who learns that I’m “open” to seeing a girl (not everyone is as well informed as my blog readers :)) has advice to offer, and more often than not, it is useless and weird.

My brother thought I was dating a guy until very recently.

The only male cousin who had to know told me this – “No matter what girls will tell you, in the end they want to be taken care of. They want to be dominated. So make sure she is always under your control!!!” If any of what he said is at all true, then I have to admit that I have completely botched up my job. :(

When my sister first learnt of it, she stayed conspicuously silent, declining to be happy, unhappy, obnoxious, excited or disappointed by the idea. That was not a reaction I understood. A few days later, I confronted her, and she told me that it was my life, and I could do whatever I wanted to, but this was going to break my mom’s heart!

Turns out that she thought I was dating a 30 year old divorced woman from Boston with two kids. And there was actually a valid excuse for that wrong impression! After she was set right in that regard, she told me that after the kind of attitude I have lived with so far, I don’t deserve to fall in love with anyone.

That reminds me of The Wise One, who happens to be the closest person to me in the last five years. He said that he believed that I would never get into a relationship, but hoped that he was wrong. Two years back, once while taking a walk next to CrossWord, he had said that given how romantic I am, usually, I would definitely fall in love with someone some time all my ideas not withstanding, but then I was too much of a closed book, so falling in love would take finding a girl who would have the patience to chase me. Well, all I know is, love or not, closed book or not, I am the one chasing the girl now! Like that crazy lady says at the dinner table in “The Happening,” someone always has to chase the other!

And I think The Wise One’s description of me as romantic is slightly misplaced too. I usually feel so damn romantic (and happy, and sad, and aroused, among many other things) listening to songs or just walking on roads (books and movies only ever make me sad). The point is, I have always felt romantic by myself. Introduce a girl (or a guy, for that matter :)) in the picture, and you have spoiled everything. I am always somebody else with people. :(

Which is something I wish I could have stayed as. I seem to get sillier by the day. The last time we chatted, at one point of time, I felt so awfully fond of her that I told her that I love her pimples too, and then I started listing all the pimples on her face (not that she has many, and I am probably responsible for most of those! :)).


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8 Responses to Dating Blues – Love is like bipolar disorder !

  1. Preyas says:

    What I, in my immaturity, don’t understand is: How can you be responsible for a girl’s pimples?

  2. @Preyas
    Ah, to your possible disappointment, their is nothing subtle to it. :(

    Pimples are one of the by-products of staying up till late in nights. :)

    And I hope she never gets around to reading this! I’ll be so dead!

  3. The Wise One is coming soon (he appeared from underneath a pizza and told me so) …. but, meanwhile, never never ever mention The Happening. Seriously.

  4. Yeah, I know. The movie was a disaster. Was beyond me why he would do a movie like it! The total length of what I liked from that movie is under one minute, the least among all Shyamlan movies.

    Where is he going?!

  5. darthpsykoz says:

    i mean wow!
    never thought this would happen to u, should i feel sorry or happy?

  6. ah, you should definitely feel happy for me. :)

    though one of my friends refuses to listen to me and tell me he would talk to me once all this mess is over and I need a shoulder to cry on! :)

  7. darthpsykoz says:

    ok, iam happy for u ! wish for u to be happy for me :P
    and u can never prove ur friend wrong… thats the problem.

  8. oh, well, the point is, I don’t have to care about him being right or wrong. :) I don’t have to be sad about what it all might come to. It’s enough for me to be happy now. :)

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