The Third Season

I have realised that no matter how much I fret about it, I am never going to be that regular a writer. Life simply isn’t that inspiring all the time. I have realised that I’ll always write in short and intense spans punctured by arbitrary lulls. That is how I have written so far.

Eliminating the sporadic ones, I see that all the posts fall into two bunches marking my most prolific phases. The first two seasons.

This post marks the beginning of the third.


Incorrigible Introvert

I wouldn't pretend I have a worthy tale to tell, I have only the ramifications of a twisted mind to sell.
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5 Responses to The Third Season

  1. Anshul says:

    Welcome back! BL has been a bit quiet lately…

  2. Sucharit Sarkar says:

    I sincerely doubt it.

  3. ochod says:

    still waiting for the third season to start!! or will it end with an ‘au revoir’ post?

  4. @Sucharit
    Well, I read your comment, and I would have hated to disappoint you; hence the silence. :D

    Well, I read Sucharit’s comment, and I would have hated to disappoint him; hence the silence. ;) :D

  5. anshul says:

    u are sooooooo lame. u are a nerd

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