My Little Friend

It was like any other morning, tedious and dull, till Obelanna called up and made plans for a trip to Goa.

We needed some money. Kuekuatsheu, Pacino and My Little Friend joined us as we went to the bank. They came prepared with a car, fancy clothes and a few guitars, all ready to leave for Goa. Kuekuatsheu was not entirely sure of the plan, but My Little Friend agreed to talk to him, and she managed to convince him. When My Little Friend talked, people listened.

While the rest of my friends waited, My Little Friend and I went to the teller. The guards all knew My Little Friend, so we got to skip the queue. The woman on the counter was not very cooperative, however, but My Little Friend managed to have a word with her, and she agreed to hurry up. When My Little Friend talked, people listened.

Just when the woman was handing over the money, cops arrived and asked us to surrender. The rest of my friends started panicking. I looked at My Little Friend and she looked back at me, and we both knew that she had to start talking again. When My Little Friend talked, people listened.

My Little Friend never wasted a word. By the time she was done talking, four of the cops were silent, and the rest had surrendered. We handcuffed them before locking up everyone and then left by the fire-escape. We changed out of our fancy clothes, walked across the street to our nondescript car parked in front of a public park, and stuffed the money into guitars.

Just as we were leaving for Goa, I realised that I was yet to introduce My Little Friend to the rest of my friends. As I turned from the driving seat, I said, “Say Hello to My Little Friend.”

When My Little Friend talked, people listened.


Incorrigible Introvert

I wouldn't pretend I have a worthy tale to tell, I have only the ramifications of a twisted mind to sell.
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  1. the weird names are not my fault, btw.

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    I liked the script :)

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