The Avengers : Executive Summary Review

The Story
The storyline is bad, just an excuse to showcase the superheroes and the action. It reminded me strongly of Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon, whose version of this storyline was better (that’s saying something).

Since a weak story is a prerequisite in this sub-genre, I suppose The Avengers is a success.

The Script
The script is fairly well-written. The humour works and is well-paced. It keeps the audience from wandering away before the (climatic) action-sequences begin.

Character Development
Iron Man is one of the funniest superhero characters on screen today, and he delivers yet again. His quirky sense of humour seems to spill over other characters in The Avengers, including the boy scout Thor! Oh wait, Captain America is the new boy scout, and the contrast in between his character and Iron Man’s has been exploited well and they mark some of the best and the funniest moments in the movie.

While the characters themselves are developed without any depth (there are weak attempts at back stories, but the focus is always on moving on and getting into action, so they are not boring), the interactions between them develop nicely. Even the usual bromance becomes interesting in the hands of Iron Man, who develops an affinity for the reclusive Hulk.

It’s not all about just funny lines either. The Black Widow, who I was afraid will come undone without funny lines to back her up, manages to stay interesting thanks to the essence of her character being written into her scenes.

It’s well acted etc, but who really cares?

Visual Effects
The best in the trade.

Final Rating: 3.5 out of 5. A good entertainer for families without young adopted kids.


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  1. DARTH says:

    lol; “without young ADOPTED kids”.??
    why adopted !

  2. For that you would have to see the movie, wouldn’t you?

  3. DARTH says:

    lol ok saw it! the “adopted” makes sense now :p

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