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Various sorts of salami and hard smoked sausages

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Whether you are seeking nuts, meats, beans, spices, or good ol’ grits to give to someone you love, these companies, many family-owned, care deeply about the quality of their products. And if you don’t find just what you want here, look in your community—small farms and producers abound and there is surely a local business near you making great beer, wine, jams, liqueurs, sausages, and lots more. For instance, find apiaries in your state on this searchable honey map from the National Honey Board, or find farmers at local farmers markets. Get something scrumptious for your family, friends, and self.

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Anton Mills Sea Island Red Peas


These small, rosy, heirloom field peas from Anton Mills will bring you good fortune whether you eat them on New Year’s Day by tradition, or not. There is something about a hot bowl of field peas and rice, maybe cooked with a bit of ham hock or bacon, with a little hot sauce and chopped sweet onion and some collards on the side, that seems to get into your bones and nourish you on several levels. The good luck is just for fun. Don’t forget to make a batch of cornbread to go with. Anton Mills also produces a variety of heirloom grains (buckwheat, farro, rice, oats, wheat) and benne (sesame) seeds and flour.

Geechie Boy Mill Grits and Cornmeal

Geechie Boy Mill


Small-batch, stone-ground grits and cornmeal, ground in antique gristmills in Edisto Island, South Carolina, at Geechie Boy Mill. Here you can order Jimmy Red cornmeal (ground from heirloom Jimmy Red corn), blue, speckled, white, yellow, or Guinea Flint grits (“a narrow-cob orange corn that has a slightly sweeter flavor”), and black raspberry or fig preserves and hot pickled okra.

Burlap & Barrel Single Origin Spices

Mostly organic spices from small farms around the world, harvested by hand and dried in the sun. Read more here about Ethan Frisch, the founder of Burlap & Barrel, and his search for herbs in Zanzibar. Also take a look at Penzey’s, which carries spices from around the world, gift collections, and fresh, lively seasonings such as Green Goddess. It’s good.

Upton Tea Imports Christmas Black Tea

It is not difficult to buy decent tea, even at your local grocery. But Upton Tea Imports teas are transcendent. And with every catalogue you get a story of the murky but always adventurous history of tea production. Upton also sells teapots and strainers, filter bags, tea socks, matcha bowls and whisks, mugs, tins, tetsubin (cast-iron teapots), scoops, tea scales, and cosies. And sampler sets. Here is the company’s description of its Tanzania Usambara Green Tea: “Bold, well twisted leaves, in shades of olive green, produce a yellow jade liquor with a bright, brothy aroma. A refreshing character is well balanced with a rich buttery mouth feel and sweet hay notes. The finish is clean and satisfying.” How about a nice cup of tea?

Tucker Pecan Company Roasted & Salted Pecan Halves

You can order an economy box of ten pounds of pecan halves here (you can also get roasted and salted pecans, in-shell, or pieces). Who would not want a ten-pound box of pecans! The Tucker Pecan Company also has holiday collections in bags or tins. The Montgomery, Alabama, family-run company works with local growers from the renowned pecan belt and ships around the country. It’s been in business since 1952.

Salumi Cured Meats Smoked Paprika Salami

Cured salami with paprika and a bit of heat, excellent for pizza. This Seattle, Washington, family-run shop has grown from a popular neighborhood deli, est. 1999, to a renowned salumeria dispensing home-cured coppa, soppressata, pancetta, and whole culatello, a five-pound prosciutto cured from heritage (heirloom) breeds of pork. The holiday box would be a nice choice, too, four six-ounce sticks of salami, including orange and cardamom and chocolate molé. 

Kansas City Steak Company Classic Cuts Trio

Get a variety of aged steaks from the Kansas City Steak Company (Kansas City strip, filet mignon, and boneless rib-eyes) in this Classic Cuts Trio sampler from the heart of beef country. You can get other meats and larger samplers here, too: lamb, pork, ham, all-beef hot dogs. Or maybe a prime rib roast for New Year’s Day.

Porter Road Holiday Half Ham Box

Porter Road partners with local farms for its meats, ensuring that animals are raised humanely, outdoors, and given vegetarian feed. The company has a number of holiday products to order (but do it soon), including whole leg of lamb, half or whole cured and smoked hams, or this meaty Holiday Half Ham Box that comes with a half ham, sage sausage, bacon, ham bacon, and country breakfast patties. You can also order beef, a variety of sausages, and whole chickens  (“pasture-raised in Ashland, Tennesse”).

Balcones Texas Rye

This is the time of year when it’s a little easier to justify springing for that fine bottle of rye you may have had your eye on. Although you can order liquor (mostly wine) online from out of state in a few states, it is likely easier to visit your local ABC. If you do go the online route, Astor Wines in New York City is a good place to check out. But look for something along these lines at your local spirits shop: Roundstone Rye from Catoctin Creek Distilling in Purcellville, Virginia; Four-Grain Bourbon from Hudson Whiskey in Gardiner, New York; or GrandTen Distilling’s Medford Rum (Boston). And read more on U.S. whiskey distillers from contributing editor Francine Maroukian. 

Bar Bell Bee Sunflower Honey

Bar Bell Bee Ranch in Squaw Lake, Minnesota, is a family-run company that ships honey around the state (and the country). Its honeys are available in basswood, buckwheat, dandelion, orange blossom, sage, and sunflower. And Bar Bell Bee sells honey sticks, good for stocking stuffers or to attach to a gift! (Get a big order because the shipping is expensive. But worth it.) Or check out the National Honey Board’s honey locator for apiaries near you.  

Indian River Fruit Co. Citrus Field Crate

The Indian River Fruit Company in Vero Beach, Florida, has been in business for more than 20 years. The family business ships many varieties of snackable oranges, tangelos, and grapefruits, fruit that is welcome in the winter months. Order by December 14 for Christmas delivery. Indian River also sells Honeybell tangelos, a tangerine/grapefruit hybrid known for its sweetness (order soon for January).

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