Home Accessories Modular wall-mounted mini-vases are also canvases for art

Modular wall-mounted mini-vases are also canvases for art

Incorporating plants into our homes has been shown to help with cleaning indoor air, as well as lifting our mood and boosting healing. But there’s more than one way to show off your beloved plants other than the tried-and-true terracotta pot. Wooda Home from Spain came up with these exquisite-looking, wall-mounted mini-planters that also do double-duty as art canvases.

Seen over at Contemporist, Wooda’s planters have a modular, hexagonal design that can be expanded over any size of wall.

Wooda Home© Wooda Home

Wooda Home© Wooda Home

These pieces are made out of black poplar plywood, and either painted with crisp, geometric designs in acrylic paint, or decorated with black pen illustrations.

Wooda Home© Wooda Home

Wooda Home© Wooda Home

Wooda Home© Wooda Home

A glass test tube holds the plants — these are outfitted with a magnet so that you can switch test tubes in between the hexagonal panels. While the planters come with their own preserved plants, one could probably put a fresh cut flower or two in them as well.

Wooda Home© Wooda Home

Wooda Home© Wooda Home

With pricing starting at USD $28, these unique, handmade mini-vases are one way to add a few more living green beauties right onto your walls. To see more, visit Wooda Home.

Plants get a stylish home with these eye-catching, handmade wooden planters made for the wall.

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