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New Portland Food Cart Pod Pegasus Landing Is Coming to Montavilla

A new food cart pod is coming to SE Stark and 76th just in time for the great Alder cart purge, Willamette Week reports. Pegasus Landing, a new, 13-cart pod next to the Pegasus Project art collective, will have a live music stage and an incubator cart with rotating local chefs, but developer Randy Rapaport hasn’t shared the names of any of the other incoming carts.

He likely has quite a few contenders, however; lots of local carts need new homes now that the Alder Street pod is becoming a luxury hotel. Even so, Rapaport told the alt-weekly that he’s talking to “several popular carts that have since gone brick-and-mortar about returning to their roots.” No word if that includes Nong’s Khao Man Gai, which closed its original cart earlier this year because of the construction. The food cart pod is expected to open this May.

A Local Developer Is Opening a New “High Level” Food Cart Pod in Southeast Portland [WWeek]
Pegasus Project [Facebook]
One of Portland’s Most Popular Food Carts Is Closing Tomorrow to Make Way for a Luxury Hotel [WWeek]

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