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‘Tesla’ of Electric Motorcycles is Carbon Fiber

An electric motorcycle that goes from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just four seconds is nothing revolutionary. But a group of Norwegian engineering students is hoping that the combination of speed, light weight, and affordability in an electric motorcycle that can be charged in just 10 minutes will be a competitive entry in the market.

Speed, ‘good design’ and eco-friendliness were the three criteria for the final graduation project of the five students who came up with the design for the new Roskva motorcycle.

The Roskva was developed in a typical low-budget, garage-based company, and the five Norwegian students have no guarantees that they will achieve mass production. Their prize design might end up on the scrap heap of history similar to how the THINK! electric car, once Norway’s pride and joy, fared.

But the Roskva was conceived to be competitive in the international market, according to its makers. The use of carbon fiber makes the motorcycle weigh just 67 pounds. On the electric highway that runs between Trondheim and Sundsvall, the Roskva could be charged in just ten minutes. It will have a top speed of 160 kph.

“This is the motorcycle version of the Tesla,” Espen Kultorp, one of the five designer-students, told Forskning.no.

Roskva’s energy is provided from a battery pack made up of 500 lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The designers chose these because although they get poorer performance than lithium-ion – Tesla’s batteries – they will last indefinitely and make the Roskva cheaper to produce.

The students will officially unveil the Roskva on July 8.

Norwegian engineering students debut an electric motorcycle made from carbon fiber. They say it will be fast, cheap, and get 100 kilometers to a charge.

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