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3 best wine apps for choosing holiday wine | MNN

With all the wine apps available, it’s difficult to weed through each of them to find the most useful and functional ones for your needs. I did a little weeding for you and chose three that are particularly helpful for finding the right wine for the occasion, pairing wines with foods, and keeping your own personal notes and photos of bottles that you discover throughout the holiday season.

Best of all, all three are free and are available for Apple or Android devices.

Hello Vino

The free Hello Vino app assists the beginner wine consumer with a wine purchase by providing recommendations for wine and food pairings, wine for occasions or gifts. It’s very helpful when you’re standing in the aisle of the wine store trying to decide what to buy.

Vivino Wine Scanner

Another useful app for when you’re making choices in the wine aisle, this app scans a wine’s label and gives you information about the wine, including users’ ratings, tasting notes, and average price. It also let’s you keep track of the wines you drink so you can remember which ones you liked.

The Wine Coach

Laurie Forester, also known as The Wine Coach, created an app to demystify wine one glass at a time. The app includes a grape guide to wine with food pairings and pronunciations, Laurie’s wine picks, wine and cooking videos, and audio from her radio show “The Sipping Point.” (I was a guest on “The Sipping Point” last April; it’s a great show.)

Do you use an app that helps you choose and take notes of wine? Which one is your favorite?

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3 best wine apps for choosing holiday wine

These apps will help you find wines that pair with your menu, choose bottles as gifts, and keep track of the bottles you really enjoyed.

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