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Cape Town’s MyCiTi to get new workers as strike rages on

The City of Cape Town outsourced bus service contractors have moved to replace the MyCiti workers who have been on an unprotected strike since October.

The City said that it had done all it could to address the protesters’ concerns, and it was now time to move on.

Felicity Purchase said the City has been involved in facilitating a forum for the aggrieved parties to meet and resolve the impasse since “the wildcat” strike started on 15 October.

She said that “given that the strike was unprotected, those who participated in the strike took the risk of facing disciplinary procedures and ultimately the possibility of being dismissed”.

The dismissed employees sit outside the operation’s offices almost every other day and want to know if there is going to be any resolution to their situation before the Christmas holidays.

They demand, among other things, to be employed by the municipality and calling for better working conditions and better pay.

The MyCiTi bus operators are currently hired by Vehicle Operating Companies (VOC), which employees would like changed.

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Some workers however, have returned to work via disciplinary hearing, and escaped with written warning, leaving those who failed to attend their hearings dismissed.

“The VOCs and the station management contractor are currently in the process of recruiting new staff,” Purchase added.

She says Mayor Dan Plato met with the protestors on Friday, and reiterated that the City cannot insource the employees who are employed by the VOCs and station management contractor to provide the MyCiTi service.

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Purchase have urged those who are unhappy with the outcome of the disciplinary hearings and are of the opinion that they have been unfairly dismissed, to approach the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) for assistance.

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