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LeGrow is a smart garden system you build with LEGO-like modular blocks (Video)


It’s becoming increasingly evident that we are evolving into an indoor species, with more people moving into cities and into smaller and smaller apartments, and more kids spending more time on screens than they do in the playground. So what’s an indoor species to do?

For starters, we could rethink how we might easily grow some living green plants in our homes. In small apartments and for people with brown thumbs, this might be quite a challenge. But it’s now possible to incorporate technology and modern design principles to help grow an indoor garden, almost effortlessly as it seems, as this sleek, build-it-yourself modular kit shows:

LeGrow© LeGrow

LeGrow© LeGrow

Named LeGrow, it’s the creation of Singapore-based Chinese industrial designer Haobin Lin, who wanted to make a product that would facilitate the growing of plants in a small city apartment. He says:

When my daughter was born I decided that if it was impossible for us to leave the city, I must bring the beauty of nature to my daughter. So began a 3-year journey to create the best indoor garden I could design.

One day I noticed my daughter playing with her favorite toys – building blocks. In that moment I realized that indoor gardens could be so much more than just a bunch of pots. By allowing you to stack and expand your pots everyone can create a unique garden just like my daughter’s unique building creations.

The LEGO-like design has the added benefit of fitting into smaller spaces like our apartment. However, it also provides flexibility, so that my daughter can move and expand her garden as she grows. Once I began to design the pot I realized that this garden could be so much more.

LeGrow© LeGrow

LeGrow© LeGrow

LeGrow’s Pots are conceived as the building blocks for creating a custom “smart garden” (not sure if it’s the kind that connects to an app), where each one is equipped with an internal water reservoir that automatically recaptures excess water for reuse, and controls the amount of water given to each plant.

LeGrow© LeGrow

LeGrow© LeGrow

The LeGrow system can be outfitted with Lamp Blocks, outfitted with dual-bulb LED lights, which provide light to plants, even in rooms without windows. These lights are “rated for a maximum of 50,000 Lux and producing a 3000 K color temperature”, to mimic sunlight.

LeGrow© LeGrow

One can add even a custom-designed humidifier with an intriguing bulbous reservoir that can diffuse more moisture in a 360-degree radius for the plants that need it for up to six hours — useful for plants that might be in a space with lots of heating during the winter.

LeGrow© LeGrow

LeGrow© LeGrow

Yet another add-on is the Power Pot, which looks like the basic Pot, but sports four waterproof USB charging ports for your devices, making it a nice companion for a workspace.

LeGrow© LeGrow

LeGrow© LeGrow

It’s an attractive, all-in-one system that departs from the usual mess that conventional pots and planters entail, making LeGrow well-suited for small apartments or for people who don’t want too much fuss, clutter or mess. LeGrow is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and has already reached its funding goal, but you can still snag some, with early bird rewards starting at USD $34 for a Power Pot. For more info, check out LeGrow.

[Via: Design Milk]

Perfect for small city apartments, this system allows you to use a variety of add-on components to build your own indoor garden.


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