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Paper Karma could be your best friend this catalog season | MNN

I’ve mentioned Catalog Choice, a website that helps you unsubscribe from unwanted catalogs and other mail. I usually give a reminder in early fall to start making requests as each catalog arrives in your mailbox so you don’t get duplicates many times over during the holiday season.

I didn’t write about it this year, but I discovered a new app today that does something similar. The good news is that it’s even quicker to use than Catalog Choice. The Paper Karma app takes very little time to download, create an account, and enter your address. Once that’s done, you take photos through the app of the bar code, account numbers, and name and address on unwanted catalogs and other mailings and hit the “Unsubscribe me!” button.

The app will even use GPS to download your address if you don’t feel like going through the arduous task of manually typing it in. It also allows you to have more than one name or address registered. Some of my mail comes to Robin Shreeves. Some comes to R Shreeves. Some comes to other members of the household (even the boys get catalogs sometimes). So I can input the different combinations of names and address variations that come on catalogs to the same account on Paper Karma.

Queen Latifah featured Paper Karma as a top 5 life-changing app on her show.

PaperKarma on The Queen Latifah Show from Reputation.com on Vimeo.

I have spent years meticulously unsubscribing to catalogs and other junk mail, and I’ve seen a drastic decrease. Every fall, though, some that I’ve unsubscribed to and some I’ve never heard of find their way into my mailbox. I had a four of them waiting for me to handle on my desk, and after setting up the app, it took me less than two minutes to put in unsubscribe requests.

Paper Karma can’t promise that the companies will stop sending catalogs, but it can make much quicker work of making the requests to the companies. As the catalogs are piling up in your mailbox this holiday season – one Facebook friend mentioned earlier this week she received 17 in one day – it is sure to be a very useful app.

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Paper Karma could be your best friend this catalog season

A free app for Apple and Android devices scans your unwanted mail and puts in unsubscribe requests for you.

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