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Amazon Prime Channels behind one-third HBO subscriptions

Washington [United States], December 8 (ANI): Services such as Amazon Prime Video have been able to soak in more new-age viewers who are not only consuming original content but are also ending up adding to the huge chunk of traditional channel members.

According to a note by BMO analyst Daniel Salmon, it is estimated that Amazon Prime Video Channels, which are add-on subscriptions to cable networks including HBO and Starz, may be responsible for big chunks of those channels’ total subscribers, Cnet reported.

Nearly half of Starz direct-to-consumer subscribers are estimated to come from Amazon, while HBO sources about 35 percent of its subscribers from the internet-delivered TV mode.

With this new amalgamation of internet and traditional TV on top, it is estimated that Amazon Channels generated USD 1.7 billion in revenue this year. It is expected to go up to USD 3.6 billion in 2020. Seventy percent of the money generated by Amazon goes back to the programmers. (ANI)

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