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More Americans using mobile devices at grocery store | MNN


A couple of years ago, I felt very cutting edge as I used my iPhone and the Grocery IQ app to create my shopping lists. Somewhere along the way, I gave up making grocery lists on my phone. I’ve returned to hand-written grocery lists on a used envelope with coupons inside the envelope.


Ninety percent of Americans are still using the hand-written grocery list like I am, but lists on mobile devices are on the rise. According to the latest Allercipes.com Measuring Cup survey, “shoppers are increasingly leveraging online technology at home and in-store to plan and carry out their purchasing decisions.”


Six percent of shoppers say they now view their shopping list online from a mobile device. That’s up 36 percent from 2010. Eight percent of shoppers say they view recipes on their mobile device while shopping. That’s up 103 percent from 2010. I do that. I’ll be at the store with my list, see something on a shelf that will make me think of a certain dish I want to make, and find a recipe online for the ingredients.


Twenty-one percent of shoppers create shopping lists online and print them out to take to the store. I’ve tried that, too. But, still I come back to the hand-written list. It still the easiest for me.


There’s more interesting statistics about how mobile devices are being used while grocery shopping.


  • 51 percent say they’ve searched for a recipe on their smartphone while shopping. (I’ve done that.)

  • 18 percent say they’ve searched for product information. (Done that, too.)

  • 19 percent say they’ve comparison searched for prices. (Haven’t done that.)

  • Of home cooks who use smart phones at the store, the majority of them, 22 percent, are in the 18-24 age range. As shoppers get older, the use of smart phones in the store decreases). Only 16 percent of shoppers my age use their smart phones at the grocery store.


I recently started using the Keeprecipes app on my iPhone to keep my often-used recipes so I’ll have the ingredients on hand when I want them. I have a feeling that as more really useful apps like that are created, more home cooks will be pulling out their mobile devices at the store.


In fact, here’s an idea for one of you super creative types reading this. If you made some sort of holder that attached to a grocery cart handle and securely held mobile devices, I bet you could sell it. One of the biggest detriments of using a mobile device at the grocery store is that it hand held. If shoppers could free up their hands while using their mobile devices in the store, I have a feeling all the above percentages would go up more quickly.


How do you, if you do, use your mobile devices at the grocery store?

More Americans using mobile devices at grocery store

The trend towards using mobile devices for shopping lists and looking up recipes while shopping is growing. Do hand-written shopping lists have anything to fear


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