With all the claims made, it’s no wonder, it’s so challenging to differentiate between, so – called, hype, and reality, when it comes to alleviating the discomfort of, and treating/ addressing, allergies! Based on the evidence, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these, in an easy – to – understand, manner. Beware, however, although, certain remedies may have little evidence, of their efficacy/ effectiveness, for certain individuals, under a specific set of circumstance, these may, also, be somewhat beneficial, and/ or, helpful. We will attempt to break these possibilities into three categories: (1) proven helpful; (2) probably doesn’t help; and, (3) future possibilities (the jury is out!).

1. Probably helpful: One of the challenges of this review, is, like most areas of medicine, it is usually, not feasible, for non – chemical, non – trademarked, products, to be able to afford the acceptable, scientific testing, needed and required. Since there are so many allergies, and a number of suspected causes, for these, use this, merely as a guide, and consult a health professional, before proceeding. One simple path, is using a nasal saline solution. Using these properly, one proceeds to eliminate allergens, and other debris, which are primary causes of an allergy. For some individuals, especially those, with chronic, relatively minor, ailments, corticosteroid nasal spray, has often proven helpful. These, generally, reduce the associated swelling, and, thus, provide relief. Others have found, they are helped by taking, over – the – counter (OTC) anti – histamines, to address some of the chemical reactions, caused by an allergy. However, for many, the best approach, may be, changing one’s lifestyle. For example, if pollen effects you, it is probably a good idea, to avoid it, by staying inside, as much as possible, during, peak – pollen seasons, such as we often witness, in early Spring, etc.

2. Probably doesn’t help: There are many proponents of using honey, to counter some of the symptoms. Their claim is based on the concept, since there is a relationship between pollen, and honey, one will develop a certain immunity, by taking it. However, to date, there has been far more evidence, it doesn’t help, than it does! Others state, probiotics, might effectively address these symptoms, but, while there have been many beneficial health benefits, of taking these, allergies do not appear to be one of them. However, if one enhances his overall health, it can’t hurt! While I am a huge proponent of acupuncture, when it comes to certain ailments (such as inflammations, aches, pains/ discomforts, etc), there is little evidence, it is consistently effective, for these issues.

3. Future possibilities: In other nations, much promising research has been done, especially, work on developing an alternative to taking allergy shots. One promising treatment appears to be, possibly, using a sublingual immunotherapy, which is custom – tailored, into a specific drop.

Open your mind to the possibilities, but don’t be gullible. Either open – your – mind, and take care of yourself, or don’t expect anyone else, to!

Source by Richard Brody

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