So far this year has been the worst it’s ever been as far as pollen allergies go. And most people find they have some problems with allergies even I myself have pollen allergies. But if you’re like me you don’t like taking prescription medication even the non-drowsy medicine makes me sleepy or gives me side effects which I don’t want. And I’m trying to get better from allergies not take some medication that’s going to make my nose bleed or make me feel even more like crap. But there are a lot of home remedies as well as herbal remedies that you can try which might do the trick.

Before going into herbal remedies lets first cover lifestyle changes which would help you to avoid some of the ways you can get an extra helping of pollen. For your house, you would want to avoid using window fans to cool the rooms because they can bring in pollen from the outside. Same idea with opening windows but I know for a lot of us this usually isn’t an option so you might not be able to follow that one. Keeping your windows closed while you’re driving in the car is another one which makes a difference. You can just stick to using your car air conditioning if needed and use the option to cycle the air from inside the car to prevent pulling pollen from outside. Limiting how much time you spend outdoors is another thing that helps if you’re allergic to tree pollen. You’ll not want to sit outside under a tree that’s blooming with the green pollen that oak trees have. Also ragweed pollen is also the highest from the middle of august till the first frost so you’ll especially want to make sure you don’t stay out too long during that time period.

There are numerous things you can do to help prevent allergies before they start, a lot of which, is drug free. One of which is neti pots which are small vessel shaped lamps which have been used in India for thousands of years to clean out the sinuses and help keep them from getting clogged. The processes might take some getting used to for most people but it’s similar to how nasal spray works and this can really help you treat allergies. Another method which is a natural plant derived aid is called quercetin (bioflavoniod) which helps stabilize cells and helps prevent them from releasing histamine. It’s naturally also antioxidant rich. Many citrus fruits as well as other foods contain quercetin naturally but as an allergy sufferer you’ll be better off taking supplements so your body can build up enough of it to prevent from the attack. It’s also best to start your treatments of quercetine six weeks before the allergy season rather than waiting till after its here and your suffering. Butterbur is a also useful it’s an alternative of antihistamine made from a common weed found in Europe it might be hard to find in the US although.

A method which is objectionable is sublingual immunotherapy which is often called allergy shots. One of the downsides is it can take three to five years to help build immunity it may be still popular in the United States but it fell out of favor in the UK during the 1980’s because of the adverse reactions that can occur.

Another natural remedy that can also help your immunity is honey if you can find a local honey farmer that sells honey bees make honey from the different pollens that you’re allergic to and ingesting honey is also a natural remedy for allergies to pollen. You can also drink some apple cider vinegar while this might taste nasty a lot of people report an ease of their allergy symptoms by taking 1/8 cup of vinegar once a day.

There is also some tea remedies which also can help with allergies glycerrhiza glabra ( licorice) has anti-inflammatory properties and also has anti-allergy effects and helps with irritation of your respiratory system. Rose Hips also help with anti-inflammatory and helps reducing histamine production. There is also Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) helps with nasal blood vessels when there in a reactive state and helps with nasal congestion and itchy eyes related to hay fever.

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