When it comes to audio production for R&B, the beat and the song lyrics are the best to focus on to make the best out of your music. Create a unique theme, if it has been overly used before, take note that chances are that people will not pay too much attention on it. In Chris Brown’s song with you he talks about a guy that was with a special girl. Instead of talking about how much he loved her in the old conventional way he sings about how lucky he is to have her in his life.

This seems like such a simple rule when it comes to audio production but it makes all the difference when it comes to originality and portraying the image of the artist. You can choose to be either a follower or a trendsetter but remember that the former gets most positive attention. By choosing exceptional themes, you are setting your song apart from the so common music. This is so especially if you plan to you’re your song on the “hot list” of many fans and media houses.

Try to use emotions as a tool to connect with your audiences by choosing words that will touch their hearts.

Try to come up with creative and unforgettable tittles for your song. One good example is Norah Jones hit single “Come away with me”. She might not be such a popular singer but her song is still being played and sold in great volumes. The song is about romantic voyages of which the title clearly conveys the idea.

The use of experiences in audio production makes it easier for the consumer to keep in mind. A catchy title that is related to the track makes it stand out from the many other songs being released in the market. Ensure that your song can also be easily associated with your niche so that it can attract the desired attention.

The lyrics that you choose for you song need to be new and incredible to succeed in the business. This will instantly create a fan base for you. The topics in the lyrics should be easy to connect to and the same time not be overly used by the other artists. First, figure out your genre to know for whom you are composing the song. It is great to have diversity but ensure that you are not everywhere. Avoid using words that have been repeated too often and that are familiar through overuse. They might damage the quality of your work and estrange your listeners.

Maintain a natural flow in the song; quality is the key and try to keep it simple when it comes to audio production. Do not make the production too long. Try to choose only the best lyrics from your scratch. Keeping the song simple is the key, if you overshadow your recording with over effects it will turn off the listeners. Some R&B songs have been over produced but these songs are commonly used for dancing. A good production is making a record that is refined and captivating.

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