The many expressions of a Kathakali artist as well as the liveliness of the Kalbeliya dancers are truly a treat to the eyes. The art and dance forms of India have a global appeal because of the exceptional skill that they involve. Art and Culture Tours in India are known for their own unique flavors which have won many a hearts.

Dancing is a loved activity in every part of India, be it the hills, plains or the coasts. Moreover, when hills are talked about, how can Ladakh be missed out? The region is mesmerizingly beautiful and is inhabited by equally wonderful people. They are extremely fun oriented, a trait which is clearly revealed during the Ladakh festival. The carnival showcases the local art and dance forms out of which the mask dance is definitely an entertaining presentation. It is performed by the generally serene monks and has a religious motive to it. Additionally, the festivities also signify the vibrant colors that the residents of Ladakh have inculcated in their culture.

Discussing dances, Punjab surely deserves a special mention. The tremendous level of energy which is showcased by the Bhangra dancers holds the potential to amaze one and all. The Taj festival at the nearby Agra showcases authentic Indian poetry, dances and other vital aspects of the region.

The varieties of art forms which India flaunts do not reach exhaustion. West Bengal is a state that is known all over the country for its immense love for art and culture. The people here are extremely connected to their ancestral roots and are very sentimental about their culture. The Brita dance of West Bengal is performed with the objective of obtaining the almighty’s blessings. The Chaau dance of Bihar involves usage of colorful masks and props. It is also worth mentioning that various dance forms are not only performed in their respective states or regions, but have a nationwide appeal. One of them is the Dandiya Raas. The lovely dance which is identifiable by brilliantly designed costumes has its origin in Gujarat.

Similarly, the Kalbelia dance is performed by women of the Kalbelia tribe of Rajasthan. The dance involves power packed movements and vigorous movements resembling that of a snake. These dance forms have always amazed tourists and most of the times it can also be seen that the tourists also try out matching a few steps here and there.

South India is a power house of some renowned dance forms that take years of discipline and practice in order to be mastered. It is a known fact that Bharat-Natyam and Kathakali dancers have demonstrated these forms on global platforms and brought laurels to the country. In addition to the aforesaid forms, Kuchipudi, Mohiniaattam and Kerala Natanam are some of the widely practiced dance forms which convey messages and recite tales by way of intense expressions and artistic movements. The Pongal festival and the Nehru Trophy boat race showcase southern culture at its best.

Indian art and culture tours are truly evergreen delights which bring about the creation of some beautiful memories.

Source by Aalia Khan

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