Young users are increasing, with the share of post-90s users exceeding post-80s users for the first time. The potential for the post-2000s is huge. Young users born in the 1990s and 2000s have less pressure from parenting, mortgage and car expenses. They have strong willingness to spend online, with higher demand for online hotel reservations.

Online hotel reservations have continued to penetrate in county-level markets in H1 of 2019, with 70% of new users from third and lower tier cities.

Platform Performance Insights:

  • In H1 2019, Meituan led the industry in terms of room nights reserved, accounting for 47.3% of the market, more than the total share of Ctrip, Qunar and eLong combined.
  • Meituan & Fliggy led the industry regarding number of young users, with post-90s and post-00s users accounting for more than 50%.
  • Ctrip ranked first in user retention, while Tongcheng-eLong and Meituan ranked second and third.
  • Qunar ranked first in terms of daily opens, followed by Tongcheng-eLong and Meituan.
  • OTA players around the world form a four-pole competitive landscape, and leisure travel is the key area of battle. Similar to Expedia, Ctrip has been developing for 20 years and focusing on business travel. Meituan, though young, is similar to Booking in nature, focusing mainly on the leisure and vacation market.

The complete report:

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SOURCE Trustdata

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