Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 is also known as Earth Day. Earth Day is a perfect time to appreciate the beautiful planet we live on and show our gratitude. What a better way as an individual or business to educate others on daily behavior s to protect our earth then by using eco-friendly promotional items. They are great giveaways to teach the public and show your concern for the environment.

The Green movement is rapidly growing and you can easily be a part of this positive development. Your friends and client are going green, so don't feel left out. According to a recent survey conducted by Corporate Express US Inc., 64% of US workers from various industries say that their decision to work for a company or purchase its products are "strongly" or "somewhat" influenced by a company's environmental practices or polices .

Many of the standard items come in as an eco-friendly item such as pens, notebooks, bags, etc., but you can also set yourself apart with items like tree seedlings. Another growing trend with the green movement is organic clothing. The fashion scene is a big niche for the green movement and can be a great way for you and company to stand out by using organic clothing as giveaways or uniforms.

It is up to us to care for our planet and ensure its well being. Take a stand and join the cause today! Eco-friendly promotional items are great to advertise yourself and business while not harming our beautiful earth. Don't wait and let us help you plan your eco-friendly marketing strategy.

Source by Capucine Bennett Rismay

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