Many scientists would deny this, believing that the real problems on this earth are, for example, the dangers of atomic experimentation and nuclear waste, lack of resources, pollution and natural disasters. However, the difference between the orthodox scientist and the meta-scientist is that the former studies and treats the effects, while the latter deals with the more important underlying causes.

The physical energy crisis is the effect of the spiritual energy crisis and, unless the latter is solved, the former will always remain. This is due to the all-pervasive Law of Karma which governs the physical, mental and spiritual state of mankind upon Earth. According to the Law of Karma, action and reaction is opposite and equal or, as The Master Jesus taught: " As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

In other words, as long as we have wars, upheavals and unrest in many countries; poverty intermingled with great wealth in others; racial hatred, hypocrisy and man's inhumanity to man; as long as we simultaneously raise our brittle civilization upon the faltering foundations of materialism we will continue to contribute negatively to the Karmic pattern of mankind and so will continue to have the spiritual energy crises.

It is only when we realize that we are our brother's keeper and act for the benefit of others that the karmic pattern of mankind will improve; and thus simultaneously will begin the resolution of both the physical and the spiritual energy crises.

Fortunately, there are lights in the darkness: those brave and compassionate individuals who are helping in many different ways to relieve the spiritual energy crisis. The majority of these people would not claim to be spiritual –the policeman risking his life to help alleviate the drug problem in the slums of the world; the dedicated doctors and nurses who, regardless of salary and their next meal, work around the clock to save the lives of those who are strangers to them.

Miracles on Earth are not done by God for man, but by man for God ….
Dr. George King

Spiritual energy is not an emotion or a power reserved for men of the cloth . It is an active, living thing which, according to Dr King … " is just as much energy as electricity. The difference is simply that it operates on a different frequency and does a different job and thus has to be manipulated in a different way . "

Dr. King is also an expert in the science of radionics, which is the science of the manipulation of subtle energies. As a Master of Yoga, he was certainly well-equipped to find effective solutions to the spirituals energy crisis-and this he did. However, just as rice needs to be eaten in order to appease starvation, so do the solutions he has given to the spiritual energy crisis need to be utilized by mankind before they will take effect. Being a realist, he stressed that this will not happen overnight. " The energy crisis could be solved by an adept in seven days, but the change required by mankind would not be made by mankind."

In other words, an adept, or highly advanced intelligence, with a deep knowledge of metaphysics, the law of Karma, and having certain advanced skills and abilities along with a high degree of enlightenment, could solve the spiritual-and thus the physical-energy crisis in just a few days. However even though practical and workable solutions to the problems could be given by the adept, it would still necessitate a great change being made by mankind itself in order for these solutions to manifest.

It is up to each and every one of us to realize that we create our environment by every thought we think and every action we perform. The adept could only teach and guide us, and could never force us to change. No matter what we are taught, or how many philosophies, religions or codes of ethics we may study, it always requires an inner change before these can manifest in our lives.

Often a catalyst for such a change is an understanding of the true nature of man, which is rarely found in our schools or universities. The majority of us are conditioned from childhood into believing that the intellectual yardstick is a more reliable one by which to measure success in life. This conditioning does not allow a full expression of the range of abilities and latent powers within us all. It does not acknowledge the fact that we are all spiritual energy radiators.

Several years age Dr. NJ Sowell, a leading nuclear scientist said in a radio broadcast: " With a delicate instrument devised to measure the wavelengths of the brain, we recently checked the emanations from the brain of a woman near death, She was praying at the time and we could tell that something about her was reaching toward God. The meter registered 500 positive. This is 55 times the power registered by a 50 kilowatt broadcast station sending a message around the world! " Extracts from the MessengerEpping Methodist ChurchCircuit, Feb-Apr 1974. It is this fantastic power which is latent within us all, and how we can best utilize it to solve the spiritual energy crisis, that was also one of Dr. King's main concerns.

In the 1970s Dr. King introduced the revolutionary concept that spiritual healing is not a gift for the few, as it had been previously regarded, but a natural ability which is the birthright of everyone. As an outstanding spiritual healer himself, with over 40 years' experience, he trained hundreds of people to become spiritual healers. Through his textbook, You Too Can Heal, he revivified the healing movement in the British Isles and spearheaded mass healing campaigns throughout the world.

As miraculous cures were affected and more and more people began to understand and utilize this vast storehouse of energy which flows freely through space, ( prana, chi and the Energy of Life, for the benefit of others, another wedge of light was pushed more firmly into the dark world.

The spiritual energy that cures a lady of cancer, gentlemen of chronic arthritis, a child of epilepsy, is the same energy that motivates the brave and exhaustive efforts of rescue workers in the horrific devastation of an earthquake. Over and over again, it can be seen that this is indeed a " workable and usable energy which can be manipulated by anyone." Just as electricity flows through wires and produces heat and light, so does Spiritual Energy flow through our minds and bodies to produce light in the darkness of our world.

Healing alone, however effective, would not have solved the spiritual energy crisis on Earth. Meditating long and often upon such facts, Dr. King made an outstanding breakthrough in the science of radionics by inventing the mission known as Operation Prayer Power which has become one of the major solutions to the spiritual energy crisis.

Operation Prayer Power was, on January 23, 1972, dedicated by Dr. King- " to all people throughout the world who are unselfishly working for the preservation of the ecological balance of this planet, so senselessly polluted by unthinking man throughout the centuries." One year later, on June 30, 1973, this outstanding mission of the world peace and enlightenment was inaugurated on a Holy Mountain in North Devonshire, England know as Holdstone Down, and later on the shores of Lake Powell, Utah in the USA.

In Operation Prayer Power, which is a breakthrough in metaphysics and centuries ahead of its time, anyone can, despite their age, religion, belief or race, help to bring about miracles, which has been proved many times.

This outstanding concept involves the blending of humanitarianism and science-the essence of the age of Aquarius Through Christian prayers and Buddhist mantras, the participants in Operation Prayer Power can, during charging sessions, invoke and direct spiritual energy into the radionics battery used in this mission . This battery can store Spiritual Energy indefinitely and the energy can then be released at a later date. Through radionics machines called Spiritual Energy Radiators designed by King and constructed by The Aetherius Society, to world catastrophes of any kind.

Some years ago, well-known American psychic researcher, the late Bryce Bond, interviewed Dr. King about his mission. For the first time, he outlined and defined the different types of equipment used in Operation Prayer Power, and described the modus operandi of the mission as follows:

"The energy is put in the battery through prayer and it is directed by thought. The whole idea behind it is that, if you have a thousand people praying in a thousand different places in a thousand different ways, you have a thousand different radiation points But if you bring these people together and you direct that energy by thought, and store it, you have one major reception point. The first battery charged in Operation Prayer Power took approximately 750 man-hours of prayers to charge. power in 30 minutes. So you see the tremendous concentration of energy there is in one of these batteries. And that is the whole essence of Operation Prayer Power. If it wasn't for this high densification of energy, the operation wouldn't mean what it does.

"For instance, if there is an earthquake, rather than suddenly trying to bring a thousand, or even two hundred people together to pray for three or four minutes each, with Operation Prayer Power you have the energy here instantly. , under a tremendous concentration, because of the design of the equipment. I can control the energy concentration and can change the dimension of this Spiritual energy, invoked by ordinary Spiritual people, into cosmic energy. So we have learned to regulate a tremendous power. "

The history of Operation Prayer Power has brought many outstanding results thought the discharge phases. Floods of spiritual energy have been directed to victims of floods and earthquakes; to the peacemakers in the United Nations; to rescue workers and to many thousands of people who are suffering or are helping in many ways to relieve suffering as a result of war and natural disaster. These discharge phases have all been closely monitored as to the effects they produce and many modern day miracles have been achieved.

However remarkable this mission is Dr. King sought over the decades of its history to improve the overall design and modus operandi and many improvement and refinements have been brought about to make it today a powerful and strategic Karmic tool for change in the cause of peace and enlightenment. Operation Prayer Power is conducted on a weekly basis at five Aetherius Society centers throughout the world, including the Michigan Branch, Royal Oak, Michigan and all are welcome to attend.

The solution to the spiritual energy crisis does not, however, lie with one mission or with one man, however great they may be. It is the responsibility of each and every on of us upon this Earth. In the words of Dr. King: " Miracles on Earth are not done by God for man, but by man for God."

Source by Chrissie Blaze

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