Italy is a country where strange bedfellows find peace in coexistence. It is a land of latest fashion trends, and also of centuries old mafia culture. Their way of living reflects a lazy life style, with afternoon siesta and all that. But take them to a football stadium and they are one of the most enthusiastic crowds in the world. After all, their football team is one of the best in the world. All these exist in a country dominated by orthodox Catholic Church and peasant community. The best thing about Italy is that they do not pretend as a tourism heaven. Interestingly, it has an abundance of nature’s beauty as one can find in its beaches and mountains. Also it has an array of historical and architectural monuments such as churches in Rome and the leaning tower of Pisa.

Italy is partly sandwiched between two seas: Adriatic Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea. Although it became a unified country in 1861, still a strong sense of regionalism is prevalent among the people. This is partly due to the fact that each region is quite different from the other in terms of culture, geography, and lifestyle. For example, in the southern parts of the country, an almost feudal family system, which relies heavily on agriculture, can be still seen. If one goes to the northern parts such as Milan or Venice, one can witness more modern and urban lifestyle. Then there is Sicily, an island in the southern tip of Italy, which is famous for a fearsome volcano, Mount Etna, and the once vibrant mafia culture. Because of all these, Italy is an ideal choice for a tourist who wants to enjoy a truly vivacious and vivid culture.

There are several discount options available for traveling to Italy. Almost all general-purpose tourism websites provide tips to obtain cheap air tickets. The time-tested procedure of booking the tickets early is one of the best ways to get a considerable reduction in airfare. Another option is to reserve tickets during the off-season. One can also look for discount cards that will be offered by travel magazines and websites periodically.

Thanks to the internet, booking and obtaining discount travel tickets to Italy have become ridiculously easy. You can search on any of the search engines for obtaining information about the travel details to Italy. You will be amazed by the options you have. When booking tickets through the internet, one has to be patient and should always be on the lookout for the best possible deal.

Before planning a trip to Italy, it is better to plan thoroughly about the places you are going to visit and the places you are going to stay. There are plenty of websites that help in finding a proper accommodation and proper travel facilities. By booking these in advance, you can save a lot money and effort.

Source by Veronica Valentine

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