It seems that people are finally starting to wake up to the reality that video on the internet can be powerful. Whether you use video for selling your product or service, or whether you use it to promote items for sale, you're still faced with one significant problem. How do you let others know about the video you produced?

Not much has been written about video distribution. Perhaps some figure there's no need considering the wealth of video sharing services popping up all over the Internet. Well, I submit to you that video sharing sites might provide one avenue of distribution but, even those sites will not help you get the word out about your video if they are not utilized properly.

Here are a half-dozen tips and tricks you can use to maximize the exposure you receive from your video. Again, it doesn't matter whether you're promoting a product or service or whether the video itself is the product. Each of these methods, or a combination of them can work wonders in getting the recognition your video production deserves.

1) Use long-tail keywords that describe the service or product your video is promoting. You need to place these keywords in the keyword tag portion of the website the video is on and anywhere else that requests "tags" for example at

2) Place your main keyword in the h1 tag of the web page you have your video on and also place it in the title tag of your web page.

3) To promote your video, you can of course upload it to the video uploading services. But simply uploading it won't do you any good unless you follow Tips # 1 and # 2 above. Also, you'll want to make sure that the description you give your video contains the keywords you are targeting.

4) Write an article about the subject of your video and in the resource box encourage readers to watch the video you've produced about the subject. Once the article gets picked up by the search engines, the spiders will find your optimized page and video on it too.

5) Produce your video as an .exe file and upload it to software sharing sites such as Just produce 1/2 of the video so that the viewer is forced to come to your site to see the other half.

6) Set up a free account at They are actively looking for video content. This website is run by Brad Fallon who is a popular internet marketer and knows how to help distribute video content all over the web. Again, once you've signed up for a free account, go ahead and post 1/2 of the video forcing the viewer to go to your website to see the remaining half.

That's a half dozen useful tips you can put to use right now to get the exposure your video production deserves. Start with those and I'm certain you'll see significant traffic results.

Source by Jay Douglas

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